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Clothes for dogs: fashion or necessity?

It has become common to see not only people dressed up on the streets, but also their pets decorated. What is it? Fashion or necessity? Some say it’s a fad, because it’s not the clothes that determine a dog’s beauty, while others say it’s a way of spicing up everyday life. Just as people dress up, pets need clothes to stand out from the rest.

Small puppies are like small children

Not because they are carried around and protected like babies, but because their skin is so thin and sensitive. Clothing is essential for small puppies of certain breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, Dwarf Pinschers and others. These dogs are bred to be housebroken, so they have thinner coats and skin, which means they get more cold. Large dogs have thick coats and are used to being outdoors, especially hunting or guarding dogs. Dogs kept in aviaries have a changing coat structure over time, with a thicker undercoat, so they adapt to outdoor living.

What should I consider when choosing an outfit?

It is advisable to consider the fabric when choosing clothing for animals. SiBoth natural fibre and synthetic clothing can be worn, but synthetic fibres are better at trapping heat and keeping out air and moisture. The choice is also determined by the specifics of the dog’s coat and skin. For example, Yorkshire terriers, like skiers, wear underwear made of silk only, to prevent tangling and electrocution of the hair.

When going for a walk, it is necessary not only to keep the animal warm, but also to take care of foot protection. Special ointments are available to protect the feet from inflammation and salts, to soften the feet and to prevent splitting.

A nice coat obliges the owner to fit the four-legged animal with nice shoes, but it is advisable to wear them only for injured animals, e.g. when there is a stitch after surgery or an open wound. Leather dog shoes are best.

What do buyers prefer?

In recent years, animal clothing shops have become more popular in Lithuania. With the shortening of animals’ coats, owners have to think: how to walk when it is cold outside? Especially with the latest fashion trends, It has become popular to own a small Yorkshire, Bichon or Pekin. Small dogs have many advantages. They are adorable, usually long-lived, easy to travel with, but they are not well adapted to live in our climate and they need clothes.

The most popular items for dogs are overalls, jackets and jumpers. There are also occasional suits for animal gatherings where owners want to stand out. When buying dog footwear, owners consider not only beauty but also practicality.

Clothing for animals – an inexhaustible gold mine

The fashion world, seeing that the rich are taking great care of their pets, has not hesitated to exploit a new market niche. Famous fashion houses are now adorning not only ladies and gentlemen, but also their dogs: journalists are constantly photographing stylish four-leggeds in miniature Gucci cashmere sweaters or Burberry coats worth several hundred dollars.

The staggering demand for clothes for animals has encouraged fashion designers to organise animal fashion weeks. Animal fashion was first introduced in New York in August 2004, but was soon followed by South Africa, Brazil, Japan and Russia. The prices of high-fashion pieces for four-legged animals are extremely high, but the owners don’t care. The most important thing is that their pet is happy.

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