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Czechoslovakian Wolfhound

Czechoslovak Wolfhound

Country of origin:
Czech Republic and Slovakia

Domestic dog

Grey, yellowish grey, silver

Agile, active, social, patient, fast, brave, lively, hardy, fearless

60-75 cm

20-35 kg

10-12 years

Other names:
Czechoslovakian Wolfhound


Litter size:
From 6-7 puppies

The Czechoslovakian Wolfhound – is a dog that looks very much like a wolf. Czechoslovak Wolfhounds are very energetic, quick and eager to learn new things, with a very quick reaction. Faithfulness to the owner is a matter of honour for the Czechoslovakian Wolfhound, so you can be sure that such a dog will accompany you through both water and fire.

History of the breed

The Czechoslovak Wolfhound is a relatively young dog breed that was bred in 1955 in what was then Czechoslovakia. At that time, an experimental crossbreeding of the Carpathian Wolfhound with the German Shepherd Dog was carried out. The aim was to produce hybrids with the strength of a wolf and the intelligence of a German Shepherd. Although the first attempts were not very successful, the fifth generation of puppies was finally what was expected at the beginning of this experiment. The first generations of Czechoslovakian Wolfhounds were indeed quite fast and hardy, but their working qualities did not live up to expectations – the dogs were not willing to follow their owners’ commands and were very independent. In 1982, the Czechoslovak Wolfhound was recognised as a national breed.Twenty years later, the first dogs of this breed arrived in Lithuania in 2002. The International Federation of Cynologists approved the breed standard in 1989.

Czechoslovak Wolfhound: appearance

The Czechoslovakian Wolfhound is a medium-sized dog: males must be at least 65 cm tall at the withers and females 60 cm or more. The back of this breed is straight and firm, the withers are muscular and the line from the neck to the torso is very strong. The head is symmetrical to the body and, when viewed from the side, resembles a blunt cone. The ears are high set, triangular and erect. The tail is high, of medium length, straight. Eyes of light colour. The appearance of the coat is very different in winter and summer: in winter, the Czechoslovakian Wolfhound develops a very dense undercoat, which makes the coat look much denser and thicker. The colour of the coat can vary from yellowish grey to silvery grey. The top layer of the coat is quite rough.

Czechoslovak Wolfhound: character

Anyone wishing to breed a Czechoslovakian Wolfhound should be aware that they are very physically active dogs. If the owner is sufficiently active and is willing to spend enough time with the dog, it is not important where the dog is kept, whether in the owner’s own house or in an apartment. Czechoslovak Wolfhounds are dogs of high intelligence and require a strong character in the owner. The Czechoslovak Wolfhound is characterised by its intelligence and can successfully escape from a variety of unpleasant situations. Like other dogs, the Czechoslovakian Wolfhound needs early socialisation and proper training.The breed is intelligent and learns quickly enough, but it is very important that the owner motivates the pet properly. Thanks to its strong hunting instinct, the Czechoslovakian Wolfhound can chase a wide variety of animals – squirrels, cats, birds, etc. If they are kept in a home with other animals from a young age, they will not touch them, but they should not be left unattended.

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