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Dangers in a dog's home

Even at home, a puppy can be in danger!

When buying a puppy, people should know that they are not buying a toy, but a living creature that will need to be looked after. In a new home, a puppy will not only have a nice life, but also many dangers that can cause a lot of trouble for both the puppy and its owners.

Electrical cords are one of the puppies’ favourite ‘treats’. After all, the teeth are growing and the gums are itchy, and it’s not clear where the dog will decide to sharpen them. Of course, the most common victims are the electric wires and the pets themselves. Electrocution causes paralysis of the dog’s breathing, stops the heart and burns the skin. That’s why we need to insulate electrical wires to make the home safe for both children and pets.

Dogs like to try household chemicals (scrubbing and cleaning products) out of curiosity. However, this can lead to severe poisoning with bad consequences. Such products kill not only germs… Therefore, do not leave scrubbing and cleaning products within reach of dogs. Don’t risk the health and life of your loyal friend.

Dogs can be severely poisoned if they eat even small amounts of plants. Therefore, all plants will have to be placed somewhere else to keep them away from the curious glutton. Oleander, garlic, cactus, ivy, etc. are more dangerous than houseplants.

Other animals such as cats can be dangerous for your dog. In addition to scratches and bites, a cat can damage a dog’s eyes. And this is a long and expensive treatment. There are also cases where a dog loses an eye in a fight with a cat. Teach your animals to live in peace and friendship.

The litter bucket is a secret place where countless treasures are hidden! All dogs think so! For them, treasure is food scraps, bones, wrappers that smell of sausage and other goodies. Ingestion of these items can cause blockages and trauma to the gastrointestinal tract. Surgery may also be needed to correct the problem.

Toys, or more specifically, their inappropriate size and materials. If such toys are eaten can cause blockages in the stomach and intestines. In fact, a dog can swallow anything that falls on the carpet: small combs, socks, staples, rubber bands, tubes, small objects, etc. Put all these things as far away from your curious dog as possible, otherwise you will have to operate on him again.

Balcony door open. If you think your dog won’t run after a bird or a fly, you are very wrong. They are curious, just like cats, but it can be worse for them than it is for you. So try to keep the balcony door closed, or at least stay close to your puppy until he breathes fresh air.

A sofa or other furniture can cause a lot of problems, e.g. for a Yorkshire or a Toy Terrier. If you jump off the sofa unsuccessfully, the result is dislocated joints, torn ligaments and even broken bones. When you get a tiny puppy, you have to be attentive to them, they are so fragile. If your puppy likes to jump from furniture to the ground, make sure you have a carpet. Don’t let him jump on slippery parquet

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