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Devon rex

Country of origin:

Various colours

Intelligent, sweet, friendly, curious, active, lively, playful, doesn’t like to be alone

2,5-4 kg


Other names:
Devon Rex

Yes (There is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic cat, but hypoallergenic breeds may have milder allergy symptoms, or no allergy at all.)

Devon rex – a distinctive-looking cat that is sometimes referred to as an elf or alien. These unusual cats are fascinating to some and repulsive to others, but we have to agree that Devon rexes are not indifferent. Devon rexes have a wonderful character: they are very affectionate and appreciative of their owners’ attention, inquisitive and lively. Interestingly enough, these cats like to be as close to the owner’s face as possible, and so the Devon rex often perches on the owner’s shoulder, like a parrot. Devon rexes adapt well to their surroundings, but cannot tolerate solitude, so this pet will not be suitable for very busy people. Devon rex breeders say that they are personality cats and are so enamoured with them that they will not consider any other breed in the future.

History of the breed

Devon rexes – a relatively new breed of cat originating from England, the breed is considered to have started in 1960. The first Devon cat, Beryl Cox, was found in a field in Devon and became fascinated by the curly-furred cat, but was never able to domesticate it. However, she decided to keep on keeping on, and began to watch and care for the cat. Soon enough, she discovered that the cat had produced offspring, one of which had the same curly fur as its mother. Beryl Cox was delighted and took the kitten home. Curly fur is caused by a fickle gene, so it needs to be mixed if it is to be fixed. Although the idea of mixing Cornish Rexes with Devon Rexes had been mooted, the coat of the kittens born was perfectly even. As the curly coat is a distinctive feature of these cats, Cornish Rexes and Devon rexes are bred separately. The Devon Rex was recognised in England in 1970.

Devon Rex: appearance

Devon rexes are relatively small cats, usually weighing between 2,5 and 4 kilograms. Their legs are slender, with the hind legs slightly longer than the front. The paws are small and oval. The head of the Devon rex is triangular, with broad cheeks and a pronounced chin line. The eyes are large, expressive and the ears – simply enormous! Another distinctive feature of this breed – is the wavy short coat, with particularly pronounced curls on the back. The moustache and eyebrows are also wavy, not very strong and often fall out. When you see a Devon Rex from a distance, you may get the impression that it has no fur at all, but it covers the entire body of the cat. These cats have only one layer of fur – undercoat (sometimes there may be some covering hairs), so they practically do not shed. The colour of the fur is not very important. Although it is very rare for Devon rexes to cause allergies, such cases can occur. Devon rexes do feed sparingly, but some hair does fall out, so allergy sufferers should consider this before purchasing a cat.

Devon rex: character

Devon rexes are very affectionate cats. If it could, it would spend all day as close to its owner as possible. It is important to know that Devon rexes simply cannot tolerate loneliness, which can even lead to various health problems. They are very curious cats and simply need to check what you have brought from the shop or what is placed high up in the cupboard. Devon rexes are very friendly cats, eager to interact with children and adults, and get along with other animals.

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