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Dog allergies. Why does the pet dig?

Dog allergies can be caused by several reasons, and several types of pathogens are usually responsible for itching.

What is a dog allergy? It is a condition in which the pet’s body reacts with extreme sensitivity to an ingredient. When a dog is itchy and constantly scratches its body or ears, don’t expect anything good. Only a doctor can determine whether a pet is really suffering from an allergy.

Do not assume that you can make the diagnosis yourself. If you fed your dog sweets yesterday, it doesn’t mean that this is the cause of the persistent itch.

Allergy Awareness

Dog allergies can be caused by several things, and itching is usually caused by several different types of pathogens. By the way, the most common allergy sufferers are Shar-Pei.

Parasites. Fleas and ticks are the biggest enemies of dogs.

Moths, flowers and even cigarette smoke can trigger an attack. Again, before throwing away a bunch of flowers or going on a moth hunt in the cupboards, make sure your dog doesn’t breathe in air full of allergens.

Foods can cause allergies. Like children, pets may react differently to a piece of chocolate or an orange slice.
Even grass or any other substance can cause an allergy.This type of dog allergy is called a contact allergy.

Dog allergy – looking for the cause

You will be able to identify the cause of your pet’s unpleasant condition if it is a food allergy. As a rule, finding the right ingredient helps with a special diet. Most often, itching is caused by chicken, corn, eggs and, of course, sweets. By the way, cheap dog food can also be the cause of this disease. Often, additives can be found in it that can harm the health of any animal.

How can I identify the allergen I need? It is simple. Put your beloved dog on a special diet. It should consist of two components that were previously absent from the dog’s diet. For example, if your pet was happy to eat chicken and porridge (any kind), these products must disappear from the dog’s diet.for rice only. Allergies to rice are extremely rare.

Diets for allergic dogs

Here are some examples of diets for those who want to find out if itching in a pet is caused by foods.

Potatoes and duck.
Rice and lamb. Buckwheat or pearl barley can be used instead of rice. For this diet, completely exclude dry dog food, vitamins and any food supplements from the diet. Apply the diet for one month.

Later, another product may be added to the menu. However, do not torture your pet for too long. Such a diet cannot be considered balanced. In the absence of allergies, look for a good dry dog food consisting of the products you tried during the diet. Alternatively, a veterinary clinic can be contacted and tests carried out.

Dogs with non-food allergies

Allergies are often caused by inhalation. This is a risk that cannot be ruled out. Itching can be caused by pollen, mould, even house dust. If your pet sneezes and digs at any time of the year, it is likely thatad it suffers from dust or mould.

If the dog is only suffering in spring or summer, pollen is the culprit. Allergy symptoms are hard to miss. The dog starts digging constantly, biting its legs, licking itself. This is most often seen on the legs, groin and armpits. In addition, the animal may rub intensively against carpets or soft floor coverings.

In these areas, the fur may shed and an unpleasant odour may be present. If you do not have access to a vet, there are a number of ways to help reduce your pet’s suffering.

The safest method is plain cold water. It can stop the itching for half an hour. It will be enough to calm the dog down.

Water with white vinegar. This is not the safest method, but it is good for the feet.


They should only be applied when the itching is very severe and there is a risk of bacterial contamination. If the pet has gently scratched the skin near the ear, this is not a reason to treat it with medicines you can find in the pharmacy.

And most importantly! Self-medication harms not only humans but also animals. If your non-veterinarian trained, it is better to take your pet to a veterinary clinic. Itching can be caused not only by allergies but also by avitaminosis and other diseases. Under no circumstances should you treat your pet with “folk wisdom”. When a neighbour suggests throwing kerosene on a dog’s feet to ease its suffering, it is better to overlook such advice and rush to the clinic. Your pet will say “thank you”.

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