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Dog cowardice. What to do about it?

Some dog owners are confronted with such an unpleasant character trait as cowardice. This is what leads to abnormal behaviour, where anything new causes the animal not only distrust but also fear. Often the fear turns into panic, which makes the dog run as far as possible in an unknown direction.
Cowardice is not only the fear of strangers, from whom the animal hides in the kennel. It is its inability to perform its protective functions, its inability to protect its owner. The factors that lead to the emergence of this characteristic can be very diverse.

The main causes of fearful behaviour

A dog’s cowardice is usually due to one of two main causes – an insufficiently strong nervous system or inadequate upbringing. However, the most important thing is not the concept of fear as such, nor what and how much a fearful animal is afraid of, but what the behaviour gives it: the avoidance of incomprehensible phenomena and frightening things. In other words, it is a strong increase in saa sense of wholeness. For any creature, the desire to avoid danger is perfectly normal, but only until it becomes dominant and becomes the main pattern of behaviour.

You can deal with the first cause, the animal’s physiological characteristics, yourself. It will take patience to accustom the coward to unfamiliar noisy places, loud sudden noises, strange people and animals.
It is better to correct the consequences of an unsuitable upbringing with the help of professionals. To do this, you can sign up for a dog training group. Professional handlers have enough experience to correct behavioural problems. The animal must learn to believe in its own strength. Interacting with friendly dogs on the playground will gradually convince the animal that it is very interesting and not scary.
Cowardice is more common in dogs with a difficult fate. If a dog has been deprived of a balanced diet, maternal care as a puppy, has lived for a long time on the streets or has suffered from stronger dogs, the chance of developing a timid character is much higher than in the case of a pedigree. Very Fear often develops after aggressive actions by people towards the dog.

How to deal with a dog’s cowardice?

A simple and quick solution to this problem is unlikely. However, it is possible if the owner of the dog is willing to correct the situation and has patience. The most important thing in this matter is to let the animal know that the world is safe and, if necessary, the owner can always help and protect. This can be achieved by using different ways of communicating with the dog:

Always be calm with the dog. Even if the dog is disobedient or mischievous, do not shout at it, let alone use physical punishment. Play more. Don’t forget the importance of training. the dog needs to understand the commands and know what is allowed and what is not.

If the dog is avoiding and afraid of other dogs, it should be introduced to the company of others by meeting one strange dog and gradually widening the circle of communication.If the breeder is worried or afraid, do not spare him or her. This behaviour may be remembered and the situation may be repeated later. shun

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