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Don Sphinx

Country of origin:

Various colours

3,5-7 kg

12-15 years

Other names:
Sphynx, Don sphynx

Yes (100 percent hypoallergenic cats do not exist, but hypoallergenic breeds may have milder allergy symptoms, or no allergy at all.)

Don Sphynx – a distinctive-looking hairless cat bred in Russia. Although it is sometimes thought that the Don and the Canadian Sphynx are related, this is not the case. The only similarity is that these cats are hairless, but the hairlessness is due to different genes. Don Sphynxes embody several different animals – they are often compared to dogs because of their loyalty to their owners, they are sometimes called monkeys because of their penchant for hanging around, and of course they are cats that are extremely affectionate and cuddly.

History of the cat

Don Sphinxes originate from Russia. It is a very new breed of cat, dating back to 1986. Yelena Kovaleva, a resident of Krasnoyarsk, took a small cat away from her children and tortured it. She brought the kitten home and named her Varvara. After a while, she noticed that the cat’s back was completely hairless, and no treatment she had taken had worked. In two years, the cat had been examined by a small number of specialists, but the cause of the “illness” had never been identified. In 1990, Varvara and a European Shorthair cat had three kittens. Their offspring, Cita, became the pioneer of the Don Sphynx breed. Irina Nemykina was responsible for the continuation of the breed. In 1996 the Don Sphynx was already registered with the World Cat Federation.

Don Sphynx: appearance

Don Sphynxes – medium-sized hairless cats with wrinkled soft skin. The Don Sphynx is a rather graceful and elegant cat with a strong bone structure. Males are generally much larger than females. The head of this breed is triangular in shape and the jaws and eyebrows are prominent. The forehead of the Don Sphynx is flat, with many vertical wrinkles. The teeth are very strong and the canines are long (the upper ones may be slightly visible). The ears are raised above the occiput, large, slightly inclined forwards, with rounded tips. Eyes medium-sized, almond-shaped, various eye colours allowed. Claws are long, straight, in proportion to the body, the hind claws longer than the fore claws. There are three types of Don Sphinx: „brush“ (translated from English as „brush“), „flok“, and born naked (also called „gummy“). The skin of Don Sphynx is very elastic, with wrinkles on the neck, armpits, abdomen, sides and head. There may be some hair on the snout, ears, limbs and one third of the tail. Young Don Sphynx may be hairier, but the hairiness should disappear by the age of two years.

Don’s Sphynx: character

The Don Sphynx – a very affectionate and gentle character cat that is totally devoted to its beloved owner. Often this breed of cat would like to be the only sweetheart in the house, so if you have more than one cat in the house, jealousy may develop between them. Don Sphynxes are very playful – you probably can’t find anything in the house that can’t become their toy! This breed likes to play a lot and for a long time, and does not scratch or show aggression or displeasure when playing. Don Sphynxes are excellent companions for children due to their extremely gentle nature, and you should not be afraid that your cat may scratch them. This breed is very fond of human companionship, always tries to keep its owners company, and can hardly tolerate loneliness.

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