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Egyptian Mau cats

Egyptian Mau cats

Country of origin:

Bronze speckled, silver speckled, black smoke

Affectionate, friendly, active, playful, sensible, 

2.5-5 kg

12-14 years

Other names:
Egyptian Mau


Egyptian Mau – is a medium-sized short-haired cat. The ancestors of these cats are believed to be wild African cats. The word „mau“ is derived from the Egyptian language and means simply cat. These cats are very affectionate and affectionate and are very active. Some Egyptian Mau breeders claim that the character of these cats is more like a dog than a cat, which adds to the charm of the breed.

History of the breed

The Egyptian Mau originated in Egypt, where the breed is believed to have existed for a very long time. The first mention of the breed is in manuscripts, which are now more than 3000 years old. Ancient Egyptians used to protect these cats as deities, mummifying them when they died and burying them in sarcophagi. The first cats of this breed came to Europe in 1950 – they appeared at a cat show in Rome. The Egyptian Mau cats arrived in Italy to America in 1957, where they gained recognition fifteen years later. However, the breed is still not recognised in all countries today (it is still not recognised in Great Britain).

Egyptian Mau cats: appearance

The Egyptian Mau cat has a similar build to the Abyssinian cat. The body is long and graceful but very strong and muscular. They are relatively small cats, weighing between 2,5 and 5 kg. The distinctive feature of this breed is a mark on the forehead resembling the letter M (the Egyptians saw in this mark a scarab crawling backwards). The head is a rounded triangular shape with no flat areas. Snout blunt, not protruding. The eyes of the Egyptian Mau are large, almond-shaped and very expressive. Preferably in green gooseberry, but other colours are acceptable. The eye colour becomes apparent as the cat matures, and in small kittens the eyes may be a light amber colour. The line that accentuates the eyes is very important and is called the goddess make-up. The ears are high set, medium sized and spaced apart. The tips of the ears are „sharp“ and may have tufts of hair. The tail is of medium length, tapering, with three thick rings on the tail and the tip of the tail must be black. The coat shall be short, fine and shiny. Three colours of the Egyptian Mau are recognised: bronze-spotted, silver-spotted and smoky black. Each hair of the cat’s coat has at least two colours of spots. Whatever the shade of the coat, it shall be decorated with bright markings. Only the chin and neck shall be monochrome.

Egyptian Mau cats: character

Egyptian Mau cats are very affectionate and playful. This breed is suitable for those people who want a pet that will not stand still and whose energy will not run out until the cat is old. You can be sure that the Egyptian Mau will become your loyal companion and will appreciate your attention. It is important to know that this breed of cat simply does not tolerate loneliness and is very sad when left alone in the house. If you are away all day, it is worth considering getting a second cat. The Egyptian Mau gets on well with its own breed and with other domestic cats, and can also get along with dogs. It is important to know that this breed of cat loves to communicate with its voice, so if you are not comfortable with the loud meowing of a cat, you should consider getting another breed of cat. Although the Egyptian Mau is very fond of active play, sleeping is a sacred thing for them. Their greatest pleasure – afternoon naps. Do not wake your cat under any circumstances at this time, as the pet may become irritable. Egyptian Mau are very intelligent cats and can learn many different

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