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English Basset Hound (Basset Hound)

English Basset Hound

Country of origin:
France, Great Britain

Domestic dog, hunting dog

Brown and white, black and white, tricolour (brown, white, black)

Affectionate, gentle, devoted, friendly, playful, stubborn, sometimes stubborn

33-38 cm

18-27 kg

11-12 years

Other names:
Basset Hound


Litter size:
8-10 puppies

English Basset Hound – a dog with a distinctive look that is probably unrecognisable. Although Bassets always look sad and unhappy, this is quite deceptive. In reality, this breed of dog enjoys every day of their lives, and cheering them up is easier than easy – all it takes is a tasty morsel. English Basset Hounds are said to be very playful, friendly and have a great sense of humour. They are very attached to their owners and can’t bear to be alone, so make sure you can spend enough time with them before you get one. Most English Bassets love to travel by car, so it is recommended that you take your pet with you when possible.

History of the breed

The English Basset Hound – is a relatively old breed of dog, currently around 600 years old. Although we call these dogs English Bassets, they actually originate from France. The French word „bas“ means „low“, and this is a fairly accurate description of these dogs. The breed was bred by medieval monks who needed helpers for hunting. William Shakespeare himself described the breed, which shows that there was a great deal of interest in these dogs. The breeding of these dogs in the British Isles began in the 19th century. The English Basset Hound was first exhibited in Paris in 1863. Twenty years after their debut at a dog show, the first Basset Hound Club was founded in England. In 1989, the International Federation of Cynologists adopted the British breed standard. English Bassets are excellent trackers and can be used singly or in groups for hunting. Their sense of smell is very well developed, and to this day English Bassets make excellent hunting companions.

English Basset Hounds: appearance

The English Basset Hound – is a short but rather large dog, with a height at the withers of 33 to 38 cm and a weight of 18 to 27 kg. The body is long, the sternum protrudes and the back is rather broad. The head of the English Basset Hound is dome-shaped, with a prominent occiput. The skin is wrinkled, rather loose and drooping. The jaws are firm and strong, the bite is scissor-like. Eyes are prominent, may be brown or dark brown depending on coat colour. Neck long and muscular, with a rather pronounced underbelly. The forelegs are strong and sturdy, the knees of the hind legs are much bent. The paws are massive, the soles are large, and there may be many wrinkles between the paws and ankles. The tail is strong and rather long, with coarse hair on the lower part. The coat is short, dense and smooth and may be bicoloured or tricoloured (white, black and brown are possible).

English Basset Hound: character

English Bassets are not at all the scaredy-cat dogs that their muzzles may suggest. In fact, they are very social and playful dogs. The English Basset Hound always enjoys interacting with people, but is quite reserved with strangers. When they sense a potential danger, this breed may bark loudly. English Bassets love to play with children and animals, and if you are often away from home, it is worth considering getting a second Basset Hound – two dogs in the house will be much more fun. These pets are not only active outdoors, but also at home. They just love long walks and playing in the fresh air. English Bassets are very receptive to training, but like many hunting dogs, they can be a bit stubborn. However, &bquo;persuading“ to follow trained commands is not

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