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English Toy Terrier

English Toiterrier

Country of origin:
Great Britain

Domestic dog

Black or brown with brindle

Cute, friendly, inquisitive, smart, guarding

25-30 cm

2.5-3.5 kg

11-13 years

Other names:
Manchester Toy Terrier, Black and tan Toy Terrier, English Toy Terrier, Toy Manchester Terrier


Litter size:
3-4 puppies

English Toy Terrier

English Toy Terrier – a small dog who is very attached to his owner and wants to accompany him at every step. The English Toy Terrier was bred as a house dog that can only live in the home. If you live in the city, this can be one of the best choices, as English Toy Terriers do not require very long walks outdoors, and they adapt well to living in a cramped apartment. The easy maintenance of the English Toiterrier makes it suitable for beginner dog owners who want a low maintenance pet and a great companion. In the past, these small dogs were used to hunt small rodents, but today they are no longer used for this purpose, but are now simply a companion for their owners. Compared to other „toy“ dogs, English Toy Toy Terriers are quite calm and do not make a fuss about anything.

History of the breed

Terriers originated in medieval England. The medium-sized dogs were bred to hunt badgers and foxes, as well as to kill rats. They were very agile dogs and soon earned great respect. In the 17th century, rat killing competitions became very popular in England – special arenas were set up for this purpose. The best rat-killers were the Manchester Terriers (later the breed took the official name of Manchester Terriers). When rat-killing competitions were banned, Manchester Terriers were divided into two types. The smaller dogs were nicknamed Little Manchester Terriers. Later on, this type of terrier was called the English terrier, a name that has survived to this day. At the beginning of the 19th century, the English Toy Terrier became very popular in Europe and the USA. They were the ideal companions for entertainers and touring musicians, keeping them company during long journeys. The breed was officially recognised by the English Kennel Club quite late – only in 1962. The FCI registered the English Toy Terrier even later – in 1994. In Lithuania, English Toiters are not popular – to this day there are no registered kennels.

The English Toiterrier: Appearance

The English Toeterrier is a compact dog with a height of 25-30 cm at the withers and a weight of 2,5-3,5 kg. The breed has a well-proportioned body, a deep, narrow chest, and convex ribs. The legs are relatively far apart, long and straight. The paws are small and the claws are black. The neck is long, with a graceful curve and an elegant line to the shoulders. The head is long and narrow, wedge-shaped. The skull is flat and the ears are large and erect. Eyes small, almond-shaped, dark in colour. Teeth strong, scissor bite. Tail low-growing, thick at the base, tapering towards the back. Fur short, smooth and shiny. Available colours: black or brown with rust. English Toiters are characterised by two marks of the same colour on the front of the chest.

English Toiterrier: Character

English Toiters are inquisitive and intelligent. Although they are very attached to their owners, they are also characterised by a desire for independence. Some of the characteristics of English Toy Terriers are very similar to those of cats – they are not intrusive pets that seek attention at any cost. Socialisation and training should be taken care of as early as possible, preferably when the dog arrives at your home from the kennel. English Toy Terriers are quite stubborn, so training them can sometimes be a real challenge. It is very important to discover what motivates these dogs.

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