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Eukanuba dog food - the perfect choice

Eukanuba dog food

A dog is man’s best friend and a member of the family, which is why many owners strive to feed their pets only quality and wholesome food that ensures their well-being.

Eukanuba dog food is balanced and natural, enriched with all the vitamins and minerals a dog needs to maintain healthy teeth, strong bones, vision, skin and a good mood. However, even quality food needs to be chosen. Here are the criteria that Eukanuba experts suggest you consider when choosing food for your dog:

Breed. Dogs of different breeds should not be fed the same food and their diet should be balanced according to their size. For example, large dogs with larger bones need higher levels of calcium and phosphorus to ensure the normal development of their bones.

Medium-sized breeds need more nutrients and energy than large dogs, but less than small dogs.

As such, these pets are ideally suited to foods with moderate levels of energy, vitamins, protein and other nutrients. Small friends, on the other hand, need a highly nutritious and energy-rich dog food.

Age of the dog. A dog’s needs change with age, and as they get older they need more vitamins and other nutrients to ensure that your pet reaches a healthy old age without being attacked by various diseases.
Information on the food packaging. Eukanuba experts note that some dog breeders do not read the information on the composition of the food.

This is a big mistake, and when choosing a food, it is important to pay attention to the percentage of animal or fish protein in the composition. This is the dog’s main source of energy. It is true that some manufacturers are tricky and put plant-based protein sources first on the packaging: poultry, cornmeal, etc. Unfortunately, when you see such packaging, you can be sure that the food is based on nothing else but Cornflour.

Eukanuba is a quality dog food, with clear and precise information, so owners can be sure that their dog is being fed exactly what the leaflet says. So, if you want to keep your best four-legged friend healthy and invigorated, choose Eukanuba dog food.

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