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Eurasian Spitz

Country of origin:

Domestic, house dog

Grey, black, fawn, reddish brown

Calm, shy, even a little withdrawn, proud, energetic, alert

48-60 cm

18-32 kg

11-12 years

Other names: 


Fashion size: 

The Eurasian Spitz – is a proud, calm and difficult to provoke dog that can make a really great family friend. The Eurasian Spitz is not an aggressive breed, and is very affectionate with its family members and restrained with strangers. If you value peace and quiet in your home, you should definitely consider getting a dog of this breed – Eurasian Spitz bark very rarely. They are usually attached to a single owner, but are also happy to socialise with other family members. Eurasian Spitz are not very demanding when it comes to living space – the most important thing is that the room is cool enough. These dogs require quite a lot of exercise, so prospective owners should consider whether they will be able to devote enough attention to the dog. The owner of a Eurasian Spitz should be quite strict and firm, but only positive parenting methods are suitable for these dogs.

History of the breed

The Eurasian Spitz is a relatively new breed of dog, dating back to the 1960s. The breed was created by Julius Vipfielia. The aim was to create a dog breed that would be healthy enough to be friendly. The breed was bred by crossing three dog breeds – the Chow Chow, the Samoyed and the Wolfhound. In 1969, the Chow Chow was crossed with the Wolf Chow, the original name of the crossbreed being Wolf Chow. After crossing with Samoyeds, the breed was renamed Eurasian Spitz in 1973. In the same year, the breed was recognised by the International Federation of Cynologists. Eurasian Spitz is quite rare in Lithuania, but it is very popular in France and southern European countries.

Eurasian Spitz: appearance

The Eurasian Spitz is a medium-sized dog. Males are 50-60 cm tall at the withers, females 48-56 cm. Males are not only taller but also larger – their weight ranges from 23 to 32 kg, females from 18 to 26 kg. The Eurasian Spitz has a robust body, a very pronounced crest and a straight back. The head is wedge-shaped, the skull is of medium width and the forehead is flat. Muzzle tapering, nose medium-sized, black. Lips close-set, black-rimmed. Jaws strong, bite scissor-like. Eyes medium sized, slightly protruding, dark. Ears medium-sized, triangular, rather far apart. Neck of medium length, blending well into the body. Tail straight, tapering towards the tip, covered with long hairs. The coat is dense, of medium length, with shorter fur on the muzzle, head, ears and forelegs. The hind limbs are decorated with longer fur forming „trousers“. The underfur is soft and dense. Various colour combinations are allowed, except pure white and dark chestnut. White patches are also not desirable.

Eurasian Spitz: character

The Eurasian Spitz is an excellent companion dog that appreciates the company of its owner. If there are other pets in the house, it is likely that the Eurasian Spitz will get along with them, but this breed needs to be introduced to other pets from a young age. Eurasian Spitz are not always friendly with other dogs and males often tend to dominate other males. It is very important to take care of socialisation and basic training early in the life of the Eurasian Spitz. According to most breeders, dressage requires a lot of time and effort, as Eurasian Spitz are not always eager to follow commands given to them. Each of these

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