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Exercise for cats squatting at home

Many cats live in city flats and do not have the freedom to go out for walks. This makes them sad and they try to dispel their boredom by engaging in boredom-busting activities: ripping, tearing and chewing everything around them.

Cats might be happy to exercise, but our cramped flats do not provide them with such conditions. And it is extremely dangerous to let a cat out of an apartment (near busy roads and in a city traffic jam).
Cat owners must therefore make sure that their pets do not miss out on the lively and entertaining pastimes of living between four walls. From an early age, you should involve your kitten in games that encourage it to move around, and make it a daily habit. This will keep your cat healthy and entertained with minimal effort on your part.

Some cats can be made to run and jump using toys and any other object that can be treated as a toy. And some breeds, such as Oriental cats or Russian or other blue cats, do well in the pare taken for walks on a leash. Meanwhile, the owner gets a chance to walk.

Healing nails

The tools needed to sharpen nails are a must if you want to keep upholstery, bedspreads and curtains, which are the first victims of a devastating attack by cats that live indoors, healthy. The damage to the owner’s pocket from such cats is colossal.

The most common device for sharpening claws is a pole upholstered in horsehair and placed vertically. It can be of various shapes and can be multi-storeyed, allowing the cat to imagine that it is crawling up a tree. The purpose of all these structures is the same: to divert the cat’s attention away from your home property and to reduce the damage that comes from the cat’s claws.

You can also make your own cat claw sharpening pole. It will be cheaper, but if you know your cat well, it will be even better than the one in the pet shop.

Find the wrong catin a visible corner of your home. Preferably one where your cat likes to perch. At that point, attach a small board (45-60 cm long) to the wall and nail or glue a piece of rough material or, even better, a thick piece of leather to the board. Cats have a special appreciation for leather, as owners of leather furniture can tell you.

Gymnastic equipment

The simplest device for exercising cats (and other animals) can be an empty cardboard box, which can be obtained in or near any shop. Give this box to your cat, after opening it, and it will quickly become its favourite toy: the cat will crawl in and out of it, hunting for the shadow of the box and for something else invisible that is hiding in the box.

To make your cat’s life even more interesting, make a small hole in the wall of the box so that your cat can just barely crawl in, and close the top tightly and watch your cat explore this cave. You canYou can turn it into an Aladdin’s cave if you put a treat inside, but preferably in such a way that the cat can’t just grab it and run away.

All cats like to crawl and climb on the surfaces of things. A cat that has no other option must also be able to do so when it is squatting in the house. The simplest construction of wooden slats bolted together can quite easily be made by hand, and will keep your cat’s attention for hours. If it is a simple structure, it must obviously be safe for the cat. But it can be remodelled from time to time, changing shape, height, size, just like a child’s construction set.

A small piece of treats placed on one of the branches will whet the cat’s interest in this exercise device.

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