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Eye diseases in cats

The eyes are one of the 5 senses without which it would be hard to imagine life for both humans and cats. Diseases that affect a cat’s eyes can be directly related to the eyes, or have an indirect effect on the eyes (for example, in the case of viral diseases, diabetes or tumours).

Very often, cat fights are the cause of cat eye disease, as sharp claws easily injure the eyes.
Thus, the following feline eye diseases are the most common:

Blepharitis: mechanical injuries, trauma, various infections or avitaminosis can cause this disease. Improper functioning of the liver or pancreas can also cause this disease.

Symptoms include red eyelids, tearing and narrowing of the cat’s eyes. Cats try to scratch their eyes, which worsens the situation. There is a characteristic accumulation of discharge at the corners of the cat’s eyes, in places that the cat has combed, healed, but not left alone, and started to scratch the eyes twice as hard.
Treatment of blepharitis can only be prescribed by a doctor, especially when the diseasehas already progressed.

Eyeball prolapse. Genetic predisposition is one of the causes of the disease, and exotic breeds and Persian cats are the most affected. Trauma can be another cause. It is not possible to return the cat’s eye on its own, as this can cause harm. The only way you can help before a doctor’s help is to cover the cat’s fallen eye with a tissue, a sterile one is highly recommended. The doctor would probably advise you to remove the cat’s fallen eye, thus saving its life.

Third eyelid prolapse. The third eyelid is located on the inner side of the cat’s eye, closer to the nose. Its main function is to protect against trauma, dust and dirt. In healthy cats, the third eyelid is not visible, but in most cats it may cover part of the eye.

In some cases, the third eyelid returns to its normal position over time, but if more time has passed and the eyelid is still in the same position, a doctor is needed.

Conjunctivitis. This is an inflammation of the lining of the eye, which can be caused byconjunctivitis is not actually a disease, but a symptom of another disease.

The symptoms are similar to those of blepharitis, the cat’s eyes are red and slightly swollen, the cat tries to avoid bright light and rubs his eyes with his paws. This situation also requires the help of a veterinarian who will help you find the optimal treatment (often the underlying condition has to be treated).
Keratitis. This is an inflammation of the cornea, which can be caused by damage or infection, infection with worms.

Symptoms include fear of light, redness of the eyes, painful contact with the eyes, the appearance of opacities in the cornea, and blood vessels becoming visible.

The disease may be mild, deep or ulcerative. If not treated properly, keratitis can become a chronic disease.

Eyelid volvulus. A genetic predisposition, which may even be congenital in Persian cats, is the cause, and Sphynx cats also suffer from this disease. The eyelid bulges on the eyeball and traumatises it.

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