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Young puppies grow and develop quickly. Their diet is 2-4 times more nutritious than that of adult dogs. Energetic, curious and healthy puppies consume 2-3 times more calories than adults. From birth to twelve months of age, puppies need a special diet. It is important to feed only special food for young dogs and to follow a few important guidelines and rules when preparing food at home.

What is typical of a young puppy’s diet?

Young puppies need substances to stimulate growth. It is a food containing protein, vitamins, minerals and fat. Manufacturers use different and not necessarily all the necessary ingredients. To make sure you have not overfed your pet, examine it. You can feel the ribs of the puppy, but they should not be protruding and the torso should be visible.

First two weeks

Puppies eat only their mother’s milk for the first few weeks. During the first week, puppies drink at least 12 times a day. In the second week, 8 times, in the third week6 times and 4 or 5 times before weaning. If the litter is normal (3-6) and the bitch has enough milk, start supplementary feeding from 2 weeks of age. If the litter size is high (10 to 12) or the bitch is low in milk, give the puppies extra milk from the first week. The milk should be fresh, whole and warmed to 27-30 degrees.

Once the puppy can see, get it used to barking. Pour the milk into a bowl and gently put the puppy’s muzzle to it. After 2-3 times the dog will learn to bark on its own. You can then supplement the milk with pieces of light bread or give porridge of semolina or oat flour mixed with one hen’s egg (for 5-6 dogs).

From the second week onwards, puppies can be given raw minced meat. For the first few days, 15-20 grams per day will be sufficient. Then gradually increase the portions so that the puppy has 40-50 grams of meat at three weeks and 100 grams at four weeks. Give meat 3-4 times a day when the puppies are already pa glass of breast milk.

Third week

From the third week onwards, puppies need a complete diet of meat, milk, porridge and other products.During this period, puppies should be given water 3-4 times a day. From the third week and a half onwards, include meat broth in the diet.

First month

From the first month onwards, puppies should only be fed breast milk 3-4 times a day. Give puppies 4-5 meals of complementary food between milk feeds. This can be whole milk with light crumbled bread mixed in, oat or rice soup, or minced meat (both fresh and cooked). Puppies should be fed a total of 6 times a day until weaning.

Weaning period

Puppies should start weaning at 6-7 weeks of age. It should take 5 days for the puppies to wean themselves off their mother’s milk and learn to eat dog food. The transition from breast milk to normal dog food should be made carefully to avoid intestinal disturbances.

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