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Yes, cats are more lazy than dogs, and they are kind of independent. But who said that’s a bad thing?

In fact, cats are the best pets and have many advantages over other pets and even dogs.

This cute, fluffy little animal will always show you its love, charm you when you are lonely and be there for you when you are sad or difficult.

In fact, there are many reasons for getting a cat and we will talk about the most important ones.

And if you are still thinking about whether you need a cat, we will try to convince you that this animal is really worthy of becoming your pet.

Cats need less attention

Yes, cats are independent and do not need anyone but themselves. On the contrary, this can be seen as an advantage.

Unlike dogs, which need constant attention and will not leave you alone until you play with them, cats have no such problems.

If you are too busy or tired to play with a cat, it do other important things, or sit next to you and clean up!

Cats are easier to care for

Cats are clean and that’s a fact! They are much cleaner than all other pets because they constantly lick themselves from heels to ears.

Except, of course, for the very fluffy breeds.

Just give your cat good food, an occasional brushing (for no reason at all – they love it), and clip any matted fur if it gets matted – that’s all cat care.

By the way, you should also regularly clean the cat’s litter box, because if it is dirty, the cat will not want to use it.

Kittens are easy to train

Despite the fact that dogs are the most trainable pets, cats are taught much faster. They are very intelligent animals and quickly understand what you want from them.

So it’s easy to teach a cat to walk on its hind legs, to open doors, not to scratch the furniture All this takes no more than three monthsius.

Cats sense their owner’s mood. Although all animals can sense this, cats are much more sensitive than other pets.

If they sense that you are upset, depressed or something similar, they will not leave you alone. They will support you in any way they can: rubbing your feet, lying down next to you, purring loudly.

And in general, cats have this ability to reassure, cheer up and sympathise at the most difficult moments.

In general, cats are the best animals to hug. They are so fluffy, clean, always smell delicious and fluffy, so cute!

With a cat you will never get cold in winter and you will never be alone in the evenings. Therefore, they really deserve to be your pet!

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