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Find out why it's better not to keep a cat in an apartment

Unlike dogs, cats do not guard the house and do not force their owners to walk twice a day. Long gone are the days when they needed to catch mice. Now they just wait for attention and food. Should you get a cat, and what do you need to know before you take the plunge?

Is it worth keeping a cat?

It doesn’t take much to decide to keep a kitten. Just look at the little purring lump and you’re in his thrall. Today, we’ll tell you 10 reasons that can be used as an argument against having a cat’s paws on your doorstep.

Cats are independent

A quality that not every human can boast. Unlike a dog, a cat is not emotionally attached to its owner. Domestic cats do not need social contact, and cannot be petted if they do not want it. Otherwise your hands will be scratched for sure.

Cats are rebellious

Dog owners are advised to take a general training course. If the dog has completed such a course, it can bereassured by one team. If the cat decides to destroy everything in its path, you won’t be able to stop it. Harsh commands are not suitable for cats, only gentle words and tasty food can persuade them.

Cats are sensitive

You have to watch carefully what the cat eats. They get used to dry food right away, so it is very important to choose a balanced diet so that it does not cause health problems for the cat. You also need to make sure that the cat always has clean water in its bowl. Limit the food you eat, as constant overeating will shorten the cat’s life.

Cats are long-lived

If you take good care of your pet, it can live for twenty years or more. During this time, the cat becomes a member of the family, and its departure from life is always painful for its owners.

Additional costs

If your cat is not used to eating porridge, then you will have to spend a considerable amount on high quality cat food, cat litter, toys and regular visits to the vet. Keeping a cat in thiscosts the owner around 40-100 per month.

They are sensitive

Although animal psychologists claim that cats do not have a long-term memory, there are many owners who will confidently deny this fact. Today, you have uglily kicked your cat off the table and a few minutes later it damages your sofa. Coincidence?

Fur everywhere

A cat sleeps and plays wherever it wants. Not only on the floor, but also on the bed, clothes and even on plates. Plus, you’ll become best friends with the clothes cleaning brush.

Cats are active

Anything on the table, windowsill or bedside table is at risk of being dropped. Once you have a cat at home, you must remember once and for all that food and valuables need to be hidden away, or you may find yourself saying goodbye to them immediately.

They scratch

Even the most affectionate cat is full of anger. It will certainly scratch or bite your hand. It can also accidentally injure a person during active play.

Cats are attached to one place

When you have a cat at home, it’s very difficult to go somewhere for a few days. First of all, you need to ask someone to look after the animal. Secondly, it is much harder to move to another city or country, especially as cats do not like new places. Of course, you can ignore all these little things when your favourite cat is purring at you. They radiate warmth and cosiness, comfort and even healing for their owners.

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