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Games with the cat

Games can help teach your cat useful commands and fun tricks. The games will help you build a strong relationship with your cat and help your cat get along with other pets.

Cats are very resourceful at games, but sometimes their creativity needs a little extra encouragement.
Table tennis without a table. A table tennis ball can be used for many games. Such balls make a cheerful sound when they come into contact with a hard surface and are lightweight, so they won’t cause any injuries to your cat and won’t damage your furniture either. If you have a long corridor in your house, throw the ball along it and watch your cat try to catch it. If you don’t have a corridor, play with the ball in the bathroom or in another room where there are no carpets and room to move around freely.

Ball and maze. Place a ping-pong ball or other ball suitable for the size in an egg carton, preferably one to two dozen eggs. Toss the ball the hatch from one tray to the other, watching your cat try to get it out.
playing with paper packets. Take a paper package containing the shopping essentials and place it on the floor. When your cat has run into all of them and settled down to rest, start to flap through the package, keeping your cat’s interest. You can roll a paper ball into the package and watch your cat try to get it out.
Playing with a laser torch. Take a laser torch and shine it around the wall quickly and unevenly. Watch your cat try to catch the sun bunny. It is better to dim the lights in the room so that the torch light is more visible. Be careful not to shine the torch light in the cat’s eyes.

Work and play. When you are tidying up the house, tie the table to your ankle. Your cat will follow the chart as you walk around the house. Be careful not to accidentally trip over your cat.
box games. 

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