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Getting used to litter box

Teaching a cat to toilet in a box is not that difficult. It is helped by the inherent cleanliness of cats, but it will still take effort. Teaching cats to toilet in the box should be done as early as possible.

How to choose a place for the litter box?

The first place to start is with the location of the litter box. Sometimes it happens that a kitten refuses to do it on the toilet because it does not like the place chosen by its owner. Your pet’s opinion should be taken into account in this respect. The basic rules are as follows: the litter box should be in a secluded place, hidden from prying eyes. The pet must have free access to its litter box. For this reason, it would be best to keep your cat’s box in the toilet or in the bathroom. Put a mat underneath it so that it does not slide around on the floor and so that it is not so easy for your cat to turn it over.

Which box should you choose?

You can buy a special box with mesh (to help keep paws from getting wet) or a box with a special filler for cat toilets.
The size of the cat litter box must be appropriate for the size of the cat. the dimensions must be sufficient to allow the cat to feel free in the box. Remember that when the kitten grows up, it will be more difficult to change to a bigger box than to build a bigger one beforehand. Choose the right height for the box. A low box can leak liquid and a high box can be difficult for a kitten to get into. It is preferable to have a flat bottom, which will make the box more stable.

Cats have a natural habit of burying their faeces, but trays with strainers prevent them from doing so. Therefore, often cats will only accept boxes with fillers. If you decide to opt for a box with a strainer, remember to wash it after your cat’s visit.


Cats are conditioned to go to the toilet immediately after eating. To accustom your cat to the toilet, first put him in the box immediately after feeding. Observe the cat performing toileting tasks in the box.
Over time, the cat will remember where it is toilet, but don’t be quick to demand it: even if your pet goes the wrong way at first, try not to punish him or her severely, but say in a more firm tone – “Don’t! and put it in the crate. It is rare, however, when a kitten cannot get used to its place.

Try scolding your pet, but not firmly. Do not physically hit your cat – this is ineffective and may make the situation worse. Bring your kitten to the crate and persuade it to use it. You must demonstrate your persistence and steadfastness in the face of the kitten’s whims, but only gently and without nerves. The pet’s place must be cleaned and disinfected to remove any odour that may re-attract the cat.


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