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Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

Vendeen Basset-griffon

Country of origin:

Domestic, hunting dog

White, grey, shades of brown, bicolour, tricolour

38,5-44 cm

18-20 kg

11-12 years

Other names:
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen


The Grand Basset Griffon of Vendeen – is a bold and rather noisy dog that needs a fair amount of exercise. This breed has a strong tendency to bark, so those planning to buy one should assess whether the neighbours are tolerant enough. Although intelligent and trainable, Vendeen Basset Hounds are often quite stubborn. The owner of such a dog must be of a sufficiently strong character and not change his/her mind, as only in this case will it be possible to achieve truly excellent results.This breed can be kept in a house or an apartment, – the most important thing is that the pet receives enough attention and that the walks are long enough.

History of the breed

The Vendeen Baset-Griffon is a rather old breed of dog: it is believed to have been around before the 16th century, and originates from the Vendeen, a region in western France. The breed is said to be descended from the Great Griffons, which were much larger than the present-day Great Vendeen Baset-Griffons. Controlled breeding of these dogs started relatively late – only at the end of the 19th century, when the Count d’Elvaux took up the task. For a long time, Large and Small Vendeen Basset Hounds were considered to be members of the same breed, and it was only in the 1970s that the breeds were separated. Vendeen Basset Hounds are bred not only as family friends and companions, but also as hunting companions.The breed has a very sensitive sense of smell, which is why it still assists in hunting: Vendeen Basset Hounds follow the tracks of rabbits, hares, wild boar and deer.

The Vendeen Basset Griffon: appearance

The Vendeen Basset Hound is a medium-sized dog: males are 40-44 cm tall at the withers and females are 38.5-43 cm tall, and weights usually range from 18 to 20 kg. The body is similar to that of a Basset Hound, but should not be too long. The chest is deep and the upper line of the body smooth. The head is of medium width and the muzzle is longer than that of the smaller Vendeen Basset Griffon. The neck is long and strong. Jaws very strong, with a scissor bite. Eyes large, dark in colour. Ears long, covered with long bristles. Tail thick at the base, tapering towards the back. Coat coarse, must not be too long. Allowed coat colours: white and black, black and brown, black with light brownish spots, white and orange, yellowish brown or light brown with black undercoat, tricolour is also possible.

Greater Vendeen Basset Hound: character

The Vendeen Basset Hound is an excellent family companion who gets along not only with adults but also with children. This breed usually gets along with dogs it meets outdoors and shows no signs of aggression or dominance. The Vendeen Basset Hound can be raised with another dog or with a cat, but adapts best if it has been raised with these animals from a young age. Various small domestic animals may be considered as prey by the Vendeen Basset Hound, so it is not advisable to keep rodents or birds in the same home. This breed is never still, and is willing to try a variety of active pursuits. The Great Vendeen Basset Hound will be delighted to have the opportunity to try out dog sports that require agility – this will help the pet to recharge not only physically but also emotionally.

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