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Great Poodle (Royal, Standard Poodle)

Great (Royal) Poodle

Country of origin:

Domestic dog

White, black, brown, red, apricot

Calm, reliable, intelligent, clever, active, friendly, obedient, easy to train

45-60 cm


12-15 years

Other names:
Poodle, Caniche, Royal Poodle, Standard Poodle

Yes (100% hypoallergenic dogs do not exist, but a hypoallergenic breed may have milder allergy symptoms, or no allergy at all. Read more about allergies in dogs here)

Litter size:
4-7 puppies

The Great Poodle – a majestic-looking dog that is admired by many. It is not for nothing that it is often called the Royal Poodle – a graceful four-legged dog with intelligent eyes, it is sure to leave no one indifferent. And yet, the Great Poodle is appreciated for more than just looks – it is one of the most intelligent breeds of dog, second only to the nimble and intelligent Border Collie.The Great Poodle &ndash embodies all the good qualities animal lovers could wish for in a dog! This breed adapts well to its owner’s needs – it is suited to long walks, games and lazy afternoons at home. Big Poodles simply cannot stand loneliness, so this pet should only be purchased by people who can spend a lot of time with their dog. This breed is an excellent choice for both single people and families with young children.

History of the breed

Poodles have been known in Western Europe since 400 AD, but it is thought that the breed may be much older. Ancient artwork depicts dogs that look very much like poodles, so it is thought that the breed existed in ancient Greece. There have been many different theories on the origin of the Poodle: some say that the breed originated in Russia, others believe that Poodles were bred in Germany, and still others believe that they originated in France. However, it is France that has been recognised as the “home of the Poodle”. This is most likely due to the fact that the Poodle is descended from the French water dog. However, the name of the breed is derived from the German language („pudel“ meaning „playing in water“). The first Poodles were used to help in hunting ducks or looking for truffles (the Poodle’s sense of smell is very well developed). The first Poodles arrived in Lithuania quite late – in 1974. Although it is possible that Poodles may have reached Lithuania earlier, no such data have survived.

The Great Poodle: appearance

The Great Poodle is a very graceful and elegant dog. The Great Poodle stands between 45 and 60 cm tall at the withers (up to 62 cm is currently acceptable). The ears of the Great Poodle are flattened and close-set, the tail is high and the tail is not docked in European Union countries. The head is usually raised, the muzzle is elegant and the dog appears to be smiling when viewed from the side. The coat of the Poodle is dense and curly, with no specific odour and is hypoallergenic. The colour of the coat can be white, brown or black (this breed is always monochrome). Although many of us associate Poodles with the “lion’s mane”, the differently cut hair of the Poodle often resembles that of other breeds, such as the Curly Retriever.Poodle fanciers will of course agree that there are few differences, but there are certainly similarities between these two breeds at first sight.

The Royal Poodle: character

The Royal Poodle is a little dog that is considered very intelligent and gentle. It is also often mistaken for being loyal to its owner like Storm from The Black and White ads. The breed of dog, which can be found in different colours and sizes, has a long history as one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the UK.

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