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Helping people's best friends: potty pads for dogs

Dog beds are comfortable and hygienic.

If you decide to get a four-legged friend, remember that a furry pet is not only a cute toy and a fun activity, but also a responsibility and an extra worry. One of these is defecating in the wrong place. Kittens are a bit easier, they need to be bought a special box, litter and shown a couple of times where to do their natural business. Quality cat litter has a special smell that tells the kitten that this is where its bathroom is.

Meanwhile, small puppies are more difficult, and if they are not educated and trained, they can give their owners trouble out of place. However, there is a solution – potty pads for dogs!

Potty pads for dogs help to get your four-legged friends used to doing things in the right place. In the past, simple newspapers were used instead of potty pads , but they absorb moisture poorly, don’t hold odour, and the pet can become drowsy after running errands with wet pawsto all homes. Meanwhile, potty pads for dogs absorb moisture well, keeping paws dry and clean.

However, don’t assume that a dog potty pads is only for the little ones. There is now a wide range of sizes of these four-legged friends on the market, so even owners of large dogs will find something that perfectly suits the needs of their pets. potty pads are very useful if the dog is quarantined, which means that it cannot go outside after vaccinations, illness or surgery.

How do I get my dog used to a potty pads ?

A dog is a really intelligent creature, but he reacts a little inadequately to being called, and it’s not because he doesn’t understand you, he just doesn’t want to hear you. A dog can hear up to 16 times better than a human being, so yelling at a pet for urinating in the wrong place is more like an annoying growl than a serious life lesson, so you should never yell at a dog.

Simply take your dog to the potty pads every time it has a pee or a splash of water, let it go around the potty pads and let it pee on the floor.Smell them, and when you’re done, give them a treat, a pat or a treat.

Man’s best friend understands body language better, so a job well done and appreciated with kindness and tenderness will always be more appreciated than a shout. Slowly pull the dog’s bed towards the outside door, eventually the dog will learn to defecate outside the house.

On the other hand, if the dog doesn’t like the toilet seat and doesn’t get along, you can always use special sprays to help the dog understand that this is the place for defecation.

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