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How can I teach my dog to know his place?

The distant ancestors of dogs lived in regiments, which is why our pet Rexes and Sighthounds feel that they are part of their owner’s family, a kind of regiment. The master is the commander, so it is essential for a dog that is a member of a regiment to know its place. Special commands and gestures and encouragement can be used to teach the dog to know its place.

A dog’s place is the place where its special bedding lies, which is intended for the dog’s resting or temporary stay, for example, when tidying up.

How to start training a dog?

It is best to start training your dog to know his place when he has had a snack and a smile, so that he is less reactive to food smells or movements. When you start to notice that your dog is wriggling around and looking for a place to lie down and rest, pick him up in your arms and take him to his place.

put the command in place! and put the dog down on the mat. Then repeat the command and pet the dog. If it tries to escapeYou need to repeat the command and pet the dog until it calms down by holding it on the mat. Encourage the dog by giving it a treat and saying OK!

Repeat this exercise if the dog gets up and runs away to another place. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times a day to ensure that this skill is effectively learnt.

The dog needs to know his place not only when he wants to rest, but also when he starts asking for food. The same methodology as described above is used for training.

The adult dog should continue to be taught to know its place, but now it should be led to the mat instead of being carried. This involves calling the dog and leading it to its place. put the command in place! and lay the dog on the mat, petting him and saying OK!. Give the puppy a treat and walk away.

When the dog has lain down for a while, call it to you, play with it for a while and then give the command to place!. If the dog does not obey the command, it will beTell her in a stern tone and lead her to his seat.

If the dog does not want to follow you, use the lead. When you suspect the command, lead the dog on the lead to the spot, take off the collar (shoulder straps) and lay the dog on the mat and repeat the command again. Encourage the dog by patting it and giving it a treat. Do not use the leash the next time.

Repeat the exercise 4-5 times a day, gradually decreasing the number of times the dog is accompanied. Then send the dog to its place without accompanying it.

How do I teach my dog to sit on the spot outside?

To teach a dog to sit in place outdoors when the owner makes a gesture, start at 6-8 months of age. Attach a long leash to your dog and lay him down by saying the command “Lie down!”. Place an object in front of the dog to signify the location. Say the command again, stand a few steps away from the dog and turn to face it.
After a short pause, call the dog to you and encourage it (pat, treat). Now do

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