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How can I teach my puppy to do chores around the house?

In order to ensure a pleasant and comfortable interaction with your small puppy, you will need to teach your pet a great deal, and first of all, to solve the problem of how to accustom your puppy to the use of a pallet, or a special crate, which will play the role of a dog toilet.

Voluntary approach

So, how do you get a puppy used to a potty? There is one method that is often recommended, and that is to toilet in an aviary. The aviary, or rather its bars, are sold in every pet shop. They can be combined with each other to form enclosures or cages of various shapes and sizes. In order to accustom the dog to the aviary, it is necessary to force the pet to live in the aviary for some time. Provide the small dog with everything it needs for life, a food bowl and a dog mat or a basket for sleeping on one side of the enclosure, and a special box on the other side of the bars for the dog’s toilet.ns urine odour (this will not be a problem as pigeons still appear regularly on the floor).

During the toilet habituation process, keep an eye on the dog. Usually, when the dog senses the call of nature, it starts to get restless, squirming and sniffing the floor. At this time, take him to the toilet area, crate or run and wait for him to do his business. Afterwards, give him a treat. It is preferable that you take the dog to the toilet area every time after feeding.

Of course, it is not necessary to keep a small dog in an aviary all the time. Let it in to play, walk and socialise. At other times, when you can’t keep an eye on him, make sure you put him back in the aviary! Even for a minute to go to the toilet or wash your hands! This is the only way to solve the problem of getting your dog to do its business in its crate. Every new puddle on the floor during aviary life is a step backwards!

When a small dog walks outside the aviary, keep an eye on itto, without taking their eyes off it. As soon as he starts to do his business, shout “No way!”, start clapping your hands and take the dog back to the pen until he has done his business in the box. If you find that the dog has still managed to do its business on the carpet, it must be punished. However, if the dog has not been caught at the scene of the crime, there is no point in doing this.

It’s all about timely punishment and timely praise

Of course, the problem of getting a dog used to the toilet cannot be solved without a whip and carrot policy. If you notice that your dog has gone to his new toilet, you must immediately praise him and give him a piece of treat. Even if you were not present during the process and only saw the result in the box, be sure to praise the dog.

A word about punishment to get your dog used to the pallet. It is recommended to use Fischer discs to punish and train small dogs in various ways. If you do not have access to them, you can make them yourself at home. For this you will need

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