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How do I keep my apartment tidy when I have a pet?

Having a pet is a big responsibility. In fact, in addition to the joy and fun of having a new companion, you will also have a lot of worries when caring for your pet. This is why many people give up their childhood dream of having a puppy or a cat. Especially when every pet owner tries to tell a scary story about torn wallpaper or chewed furniture. Nevertheless, experienced breeders have come up with a number of ways to keep your pet’s home tidy.

Tips for tidying up your home when you live with a pet

First of all, let’s find out what problems you might face when living with a pet. We’ll tell you how you can solve them, based on the experience of pet owners.

1 problem: pets damage furniture

This is one of the most common and most annoying problems. After all, repairing furniture is quite an expensive procedure. And sometimes you even have to replace a piece of furniture completely because it has no value left. Dogs can often chew on furniture, exploring different textures. Cats scratch them to satisfy their natural need to scratch their claws.

Solving the problem

With cats, it’s quite simple: to stop them in their tracks, it’s enough to buy a scratching post or make one yourself. The pet will then have a separate place to return its claws. Believe me, they seem to understand what scratchers are for. Because as soon as it is set up, that is where they will go to sharpen their nails. If your cat is used to scratching in a particular place (for example, the corner of the sofa), you can order special adhesive films made of dense material online. The animal will no longer be able to scratch its favourite spot and will go in search of another object, most likely a scratching post. You can also buy a scratcher and keep it for a while by the corner of the sofa or by the wallpaper that the cat likes to scratch. Every time she comes to sharpen her nails, she will find a new instrument for her beauty treatment. Later, when your cat gets used to using the scratching post, you can put it wherever you like.

In the meantime, dog owners have come up with special sprays to treat surfaces. The unpleasant smell and taste will leave your puppy alone in the chosen place. Of course, you have to make sure that the puppy has somewhere to vent its energy (long walks with its owner) and something legal to chew on at home (various balls, ropes and other toys).

Problem 2: Hair everywhere

Coat change and feeding is a natural process for every animal. This causes discomfort for humans because literally everything in the house is covered with pet hair during this period. It is simply unrealistic to remove it from all fabrics and surfaces.

The solution to the problem

To get rid of hair, take the time to brush your pet every day. To do this, you can buy special combs in a specialised shop. There are even devices with a brush that are mounted on the wall so that the animal rubs itself and leaves the excess hair there. You can also take your pet to a hairdresser who will cut its hair. If your cat or dog is fed regularly (even outside the autumn/spring period), you should check whether the animal is infested with parasites, is suffering from diseases or is deficient in any vitamins. Be sure to tell them about the unusual feeding the next time you visit the vet.

Problem 3: Pigeons and not using the toilet

Here we will talk about those animals that stubbornly cannot get used to their sheets or their box. In fact, some owners have this problem. It happens that, despite all efforts, the pet continues to ignore its toilet. What to do?

The solution to the problem

A special spray has also been developed for such cases. It can be found in most pet shops. All you have to do is let your furry pet smell the scent, then apply it on a piece of paper and place it in the desired location – cat’s box, puppy’s coat, etc. This is an effective way to keep things tidy.

Problem 4: Street dirt and footprints

A pain in the neck for all dog lovers – a pet with dirty paws walking on the white hallway carpet. Although you can find cute videos on the internet of dogs wiping their paws on the carpet, this is usually the exception rather than the rule.

The solution to the problem

It is certainly important to teach your pet to wait by the door after a walk from an early age. Be sure to wash your dog’s paws after every time you come home, even if the weather has been dry or if you have just walked out on the porch with him to get the mail. This procedure should be a ritual without exception. To prevent your pet from leaving wet footprints at home, teach him to sit on a towel in the bath for a while. Of course, you can buy special shoes for walking. However, this solution is not suitable in every case, as some dogs simply cannot tolerate shoes.

Problem 5: Paw and nose prints on mirrors and glossy surfaces

A stained mirror or coffee table can be seen in any house or apartment where a cat lives. It is a special characteristic of cats to touch surfaces that reflect their beautiful muzzle. Perhaps your pet just wants to touch something beautiful?

The solution to the problem

Trying to wean your pet from this habit is a bad solution. Most likely, due to the nature of cats, it will have the opposite effect. You will have to arm yourself with a cloth, glass cleaner and patience. Or replace furniture with less glossy furniture and only hang mirrors up high.

Problem 6: Dirt near the food bowl

Cat and dog lovers are united by food scattered near the feeding area. Dry food can still be quickly collected, but wet food will have to be cleaned more thoroughly. In addition, pets may spill food on the wall while eating. A real disaster for the wallpaper.

Solving the problem

Experienced breeders carefully fence the area with special plastic panels. These are relatively inexpensive. They help to keep the house tidy and save considerable repair costs. It is best to lay a small rubber mat on the floor or to keep the bowls in a tray that can easily be taken to the bath for washing.

Now you know how to keep your pet’s home tidy. We hope that these tips will help you to get rid of many problems. Of course, looking after a pet can be tricky. But the joy your pet brings you is definitely worth it. Isn’t it?

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