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How to care for your dog's paws

Dog paw pads are very resilient, but they also need care.

After a walk, many dogs are reluctant to go home because they know they will have to go through the unpleasant procedure of washing their paws.

This procedure is unavoidable at any time of year. However, it can be mitigated somewhat. If your dog is small and you are washing his paws in the bath, provide a small rubber mat to prevent him from slipping and falling down.

The water should be at the dog’s body temperature. It is better to remove the shower head as the water running from the shower hose is better at washing away any dirt. Before starting this procedure, let your puppy get familiar with the stream coming out of the shower hose – let him know that it is just plain water.

In summer, the paws can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. But when it’s raining or snowing outside, you can’t do without a special shampoo. Before the procedure, the pads should be carefully inspected for any cuts or small splinters between the fingers.pebbles, glass and, in the warmer months, needles. If gum sticks to the hair between your fingers, it can be cut out or dissolved with nail polish solvent.

Dog paws should also be taken care of before going for walks, especially in winter. To prevent salt from eating away at the pads, the feet should be lubricated with a special wax, silicone cream or glycerine. This will not only protect your pet’s paws from harmful substances but also from frostbite.

If your dog is large and does not want to get into the bath, then wash his paws in the bath with special products. After washing, wipe each paw dry with an old towel.

Owners who have never got their pets to dip their paws in the bath or jump in the bath on their own can use special wet wipes for dogs. These are available in some pet shops. If you can’t find them, children’s wipes may also be suitable.

However, the best way to protect your dog’s paws from dirt and injuries is to cover them with special shoescats or slippers, which are plentiful in pet shops. Only you’ll have to get your four-legged pet used to them, too. So owners can choose between washing their dog’s paws and putting on shoes.

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