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How to look after your pets properly in the summer heat? Find out!

Domestic animals are very sensitive to climate change. In summer, high temperatures and low humidity are detrimental to animal health, and there have even been reports of sunstroke. Those who keep pets at home will know how difficult hot summer days can be. So here are some tips to ease their suffering.

Change walking times

Early morning or late evening temperatures are not high, so go for a walk at that time. This will protect your pet from overheating and won’t burn their paws. In summer, the road gets very hot and paws can get burnt and cracked.

Do not close windows or doors

If you leave the house, be sure to leave a window open. Lack of air can cause heatstroke. If possible, leave several windows and doors between rooms in your house. In a sense, this allows air to pass through. This allows you to choose a cooler place to lie down until you get home from work.

Don’t drench animals with water

As humans, we have our own way of dealing with the heat, such as taking a bathtake a cold shower. This does not mean that it is suitable for cats or dogs. If your pet doesn’t like to take a bath, you can’t force it, as it can have a negative effect on its mental health. A sudden drop in body temperature can cause stress.
During the day, the paws and belly or muzzle may be wet. Place a container of water in the middle of the room and spray water to moisten the room.

Change your drinking water regularly

Make sure your pet drinks enough water. Pets refuse to drink water if it has an unpleasant smell or food residue. So provide fresh water in the morning and evening.

Avoid wet food

In hot weather, pets can quickly become poisoned by wet food. For this reason, vets recommend dry food on alternate days. If you want to give your pet their favourite canned food, store leftovers in the fridge without leaving them on the floor.

Do not shorten the coat

Most owners shave their pets in summerto alleviate their suffering. This is one of the most common mistakes, as animal hair plays a huge role. Hair and wool protect thin skin from burns.

Make sure you have enough water when you go for a walk

Dogs and cats need to drink plenty of water in the heat. If you are going to be away from home for a long time, make sure you have enough water. The water must not be too cold, just like us. Carry a plastic container so that your pet can drink easily.

How do I know if my pet is affected by heat?

Elevated body temperature
Increased heart rate, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
Changes in appetite: refusal to eat or excessive greed
Changes in movement: becoming too active or weak
Increased salivation
Mouth colour: redness or pallor of the tongue, redness of the gums
Paws sweating and absorbing moisture (cats)

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