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How to wean a puppy from biting?

Puppy likes to bite and chew almost all the things he sees. He plays with other dogs while jumping and biting. By biting, he learns to use his teeth. Unfortunately, however, puppies who bite often cause problems in their relationships with their owners. When playing with a human, the puppy often bites or pinches the human’s skin. But puppy teeth are very sharp and can cause serious damage, especially to young children. There are several methods to help eliminate this behaviour.


Dog behaviourists recommend the following method: when a puppy is biting, make an unexpected, sudden, loud and high-pitched sound AArp that is similar to the sound another puppy would make if it were bitten. Please note: the sound should be so unexpected and sudden that the puppy stops biting immediately. If you get it right, you will see the puppy quickly jump aside and look surprised. You should immediately offer the dogBy giving the puppy a toy, such as a ball that can be chewed, you redirect the puppy’s unwanted behaviour towards the toy. You may have to use this method many times when playing with your puppy. However, if this does not work in your case, you should try another method.

Stop playing

When playing, as soon as the puppy bites you, leave the room quickly and abruptly. After using this method many times, your puppy will realise that every time he bites you, he loses a playmate and that biting is frustrating.


Whichever method works for you, you should not create situations in which the puppy may get too excited about playing and bite you. Therefore, games such as pulling a rope or waving your hands in front of the puppy’s muzzle will only provoke it to bite.


Often, when buying the strongest, most active and clearly dominant puppy in the litter, owners do not thinkwhether they themselves are ready for such a dog. And the purchase of such a companion needs to be done consciously. After all, life with a dog that has strong leadership traits can turn into a perpetual war, constant explanations about the relationship or a painful break-up. analyse your own character: are you always able to get what you need? Are you able to influence your dog correctly when it doesn’t ask or even when it acts aggressively?

Any display of dominant aggression towards the owner or other family members must stop immediately. While the puppy is small, it is simple – pick it up by the scruff of the neck and shake it well to make it yelp. This is a common method of punishment in a dog family or pack. Teach your dog at a young age that the owner of the house is human. The human gives the food and has the right to take it away at any time. put your hand in the bowl when the puppy is eating, take some food and then the bowl itself. If the puppy shows no sign of refusal, give the bowl back immediately.

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