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Irish soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Irish Wheaten Terrier

Country of origin:

Domestic dog, good guard dog

Ripe wheaten colour, may be slightly reddish

Quiet, reserved, affectionate, loyal, energetic, playful and friendly. Friendly with children

45-48 cm

16-20 kg

12-14 years

Other names:
Irish Wheaten Terrier, Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Yes (There are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs, but a hypoallergenic breed may have milder allergy symptoms, or no allergy at all. Read more about allergies in dogs here)

Litter size:
5-6 puppies

The Irish Wheaten Terrier is a playful and friendly dog that can also be a great watchdog, alerting you to any new arrivals. They are confident dogs who get on well with children and dogs, but often see cats and other smaller animals as prey to chase. From an early age, this breed needs to be taught what is acceptable and what is not. A well-trained Irish Wheaten Terrier can get along with cats too.This breed is very attached to its owners and quickly learns what is expected of it.Irish Wheaten Terriers can excel in various dog sports competitions!

History of the breed

Cynologists believe that the Irish Wheaten Terrier is one of Ireland’s oldest dog breeds and could be around several hundred years old now. Today, it is quite difficult to trace the origin of the breed, as it has not been recognised for a long time. Texts dating back a couple of centuries refer to the breed as soft-haired. The Irish Wheaten Terrier was formerly a farm dog and a hunting companion. The breed was first officially introduced in 1933, but it took a long time for the breed to be recognised. In the USA, the Irish Wheaten Terrier was first introduced in 1946 and not recognised until 1973. Although the breed is now found all over the world, it is most popular in Ireland. In Lithuania, the Irish Wheaten Terrier is still a real rarity.

The Irish Wheaten Terrier: appearance

Males are between 46 and 48 cm tall at the withers and weigh between 21 and 22 kg, females are slightly shorter and smaller. The body of the Irish Wheaten Terrier should not be too stretched – the length from the withers to the base of the tail is approximately equal to the height of the dog at the withers. The ears may be small or medium sized, triangular in shape and held in front. The eyes are dark brown and the nose is large and black. The muzzle appears angular, the jaws are very strong and the bite is harsh. The fore and hind paws are strong and muscular. The tail is of medium length and is not docked in European Union countries. The coat of the Irish Wheaten Terrier has a soft texture and no undercoat. Preferred coat colour – wheaten, may be slightly reddish. The coat of the Irish Wheaten Terrier is considered to be hypoallergenic because it does not shed.

Irish Wheaten Terrier: character

The Irish Wheaten Terrier is a very energetic, fearless dog that values independence. Although this breed is relatively easy to train, it can be a little stubborn at times. Owners should make sure that the training is motivating enough – in this case, the best results can definitely be expected. Irish Wheaten Terriers adore the attention of their owners and would like to spend every single moment of their lives with them. The Irish Wheaten Terrier adapts to changing environments with ease and therefore makes a great companion

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