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It is advisable to check your dog’s teeth once a year.

The animal will never tell you what hurts. Only its appearance will tell you that something is wrong with your puppy. If it is depressed, chews food with only one side of its mouth, refuses solid food and drools a lot, these are signs that the dog has a tooth, gum or tongue problem. Dental disease can affect dogs of any breed and sex.

Milk teeth problems

A common dental growth abnormality in dogs is due to the fact that the milk teeth, which are replaced by the permanent teeth at 5-6 months, do not always fall out. The growing permanent teeth simply push them out and two rows of teeth are formed. The solution is unequivocal: the milk teeth must be removed.

Dental calculus

Dental calculus. They can be brown, grey or yellow. They are formed from calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, food residues and oral microflora. Their size can be unlimited.

Dental calculus, often completely covering the toothcausing ulceration of the gums. As a result, when the dog eats, the gums ache, bad breath and eventually the tooth falls out. The doctor removes the tartar with a special tool. Afterwards, the gums must be treated with a solution of lye for a few days. To strengthen the gums, the vet may prescribe vitamin C and other remedies such as oak bark and leaf decoction or potassium permanganate solution.

Tooth decay

Over time, a hole develops in the tooth where food waste accumulates. Caries is treated by cleaning out the cavity and sealing it. Alternatively, if necessary, the whole tooth is restored from the filling. General anaesthesia is used for pain relief. However, in most cases, veterinarians do not repair the tooth, but extract it using dental forceps.


Another canine dental disease is pulpitis. This is an inflammation of the tooth nerve. It occurs when a caries infection invades the pulp of the tooth. The puppy’s tooth hurts a lot, he becomes restless and does not want to eat. The treatment is too complicated, soIt is advisable to remove the damaged pulpit tooth.

Oral diseases cause severe pain and are most common in animals that eat the wrong food and have a weak immune system. Therefore, owners must take care of their pet’s health by feeding it healthy food and taking it to the vet at least once a year to have its teeth examined.

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