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Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Country of origin:
Great Britain

Domestic dog

White & Brown, White & Black, Tricolour: Brown, White & Black

Energetic, very active, noisy, fun-loving, affectionate, friendly, brave, fearless, stubborn

30-38 cm

4-7 kg

12-14 years

Other names:
Jack Russell Terrier


Litter size:
5-8 puppies

Jack Russell Terrier – a small but very agile and energetic dog, perfect for a variety of dog sports. Jack Russell Terriers make excellent hunting companions, using their ingenuity to corner their prey. The breed is also a frequent participant in agility or flyball dog sports. The breed can sometimes be a bit stubborn, but a persistent owner can train a Jack Russell Terrier really well. Socialised dogs of this breed get on well with children and dogs.

Breed history

The Jack Russell Terrier – a dog breed bred in England around 200 years ago. The breed was pioneered by Jack Russell, who sought to create a talented hunter of foxes and other small animals. Jack Russell considered passion, courage and size to be the most important qualities of the breed – the dog had to be able to easily penetrate into the caves of the animals it hunted. The English breeder paid virtually no attention to the dog’s exterior, but rather to its ability to assist in hunting. Which dog breeds were crossed – is still a mystery. It is thought that they may have been dwarf terriers , while other cross-breeds are still a true cynological enigma. For a long time, only the working qualities of Jack Russell Terriers were emphasised, while the exterior was neglected, which is why the registration of the breed took a long time. The breed only gained international recognition in 2000. In the same year, the first Jack Russell Terriers arrived in Lithuania. There are some real celebrities among the breed – Ranulph Fiennes’ dog Botis is considered the most travelled dog. In the 1980s, Botis travelled with his owner to the North and South Poles. Since dogs are no longer allowed in Antarctica, it is unlikely that any dog would be able to do it again.

Jack Russell Terrier: appearance

Males reach a height of 34-38 cm at the withers, females 30-35 cm, and weights can range from 4 to 7 kg. They are one of the smallest terriers and their height allows easy access to fox holes. Although Jack Russell Terriers are small, they have a very sturdy build. The body shape resembles a rectangle – the body is longer than the height at the withers.This breed is characterised by a deep chest, a retractable abdomen, a muscular and strong neck. The legs are strong and muscular, of medium length, the paws are rounded and small. The head is in proportion to the torso, the cheeks are flat and muscular and the jaws are strong. The eyes are deep, almond-shaped and dark. Ears are triangular, with the tips of the ears close to the head. Tail high, medium length, held horizontally or slightly curved. The hair cover is of medium length, uniform over the body. Coat colour is mainly white, but may have brown, black or yellowish-brown patches.

Jack Russell Terrier: character

Jack Russell Terriers – make excellent family companions. Although they look very cute, they are in fact very brave and hardy pets. Jack Russell Terriers generally get along well with other dogs, but males can dominate other males. Cats are not always good with this breed, and rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents may be considered prey. The hunting instinct of this breed is very strong, so it is best to breed them with other predators but not with rodents.

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