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Kramers (Psittacula krameri ) live naturally in the Indian subcontinent and the African Sahel. However, they have been introduced on all continents and are also found in southern Europe, Denmark and Great Britain, making the kramer the most geographically widespread species of parrot. In the UK, the kramers are already considered a parasitic species and can be shot without permission. There are already overwintering individuals in Lithuania.

Females and males differ in appearance. Males have a black collar on their neck, which appears between 18 months and 3 years of age. Females and juveniles may also have a collar, but it is very faint. Parrot Crackers are distinguished from other parrots by their distinctive red bill, long tail and evenly lying, close-fitting feathers. Green Kramers are common in the wild, but many different colour mutations have now been developed.

Pros of Kramers:

Kramers can talk. Kramers, along with the monk parrot, are the only medium-sized parrots that can speakor the best. All other talking parrots are classed as great parrots. Kramers start talking at the age of one year, but only if their owner talks to them every day. It has also been observed that hand-fed chicks are the most likely to speak.They are very clever and inquisitive birds that know how to do things on their own, and are therefore not as troublesome as great parrots. They are not usually attached to one person, nor are they jealous.Kramers are not picky about food, and are usually eager to try new foods.They are very social birds, and like to be in the centre of things with their owners.

Cons of Kramers:

Almost all Kramers go through a nasty juvenile period during puberty.This period often lasts up to a year and lasts from a few days to a few months. This is the time when they start to bite, demand attention and show aggression. It is important to interact with the parrot in a normal way during these days, otherwise the parrot may become uncomfortable. This often puts off owners, who stop taking it on your hands, and the kramer becomes a savage. The period up to 6 months is the most important, and I do not recommend leaving the bird for long periods of time (e.g. on holiday) during this critical period, as this is the period during which you will shape the bird: it will either be comfortable or not. In order to have a nice bird, it is necessary to spend time with the bird and to interact with it every day for up to 6 months. After that, such close and intense contact is not necessary, the bird will be comfortable anyway and will seek your attention.Kramers are real rodents and need toys to chew on.Kramers are quite noisy, but if you handle a noisy bird correctly, you can avoid a lot of yelling. What should I do if a parrot makes a noise?They are not naturally cuddly birds, and only in exceptional cases do Kramers like to be petted.

The Kramers are proud, opinionated, self-confident, fearless personalities (which is both a plus and a minus). I recommend buying only a fully hand-reared adult bird or a hand-fed chick.

Kramer diet

Kramers eat a wide variety of foods in the wild, such as protein-rich seeds, fruits and buds, and are best suited to HIGH PROTEIN pellets.

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