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Leading a gang of dogs

The way of the dogs

When a dog has to live in a gang with other dogs, it follows its strong innate instincts. This can have negative consequences when raising a dog.

Dogs instinctively form gangs, which have a strict hierarchical system. When a dog lives in a house, people in a sense become part of the gang.

Interestingly, slogans such as I am the master of this house can be used to guide other people, but this does not affect dogs at all. They follow different principles – in a gang, the leader is the one who is able to defend others and, if necessary, sacrifice his or her own life to do so.

Thus, the main task of the gang leader is to protect the lives of his charges. However, there comes a time when the gang leader becomes too old and weak to protect others. Then a new leader is elected. Sometimes a younger member of the gang, who could be the leader, respects the old leader so much that he cannot openly challenge him. In this case, the younger dog, who claims to be theas a dictator, he becomes a deputy commander, gradually assuming a leadership position.

Another function of the handler is to ensure that dogs outside the gang do not exceed the legal limit, as indicated by urine and faeces. The handler also sets certain rules. For example, it is often the case that a dog may take a toy away from an individual lower in the hierarchy. If another toy is shown, this one is also taken away. Another rule is that when a subordinate is annoyed by the leader, he must lie on the ground. It is also accepted in nature that the leaders eat first. So if you have several dogs and want to avoid fighting for the leadership position, feed the dogs separately.

Gang Leader of Dogs

When all the members of the gang feel safe and happy with the leader, it is very rare for fights to break out. It is therefore important to note that the owner cannot choose a leader from among his several dogs, as he may be mistaken. It is best if the dogs find out for themselves who the leader is. In some gangs, the dogs share the leadership: one dog is responsible for one function and the other for another. Interventions in the hierarchy process can have negative consequences (e.g. leading to even more aggression).
Humans have bred many breeds of dogs that are far removed from the early, natural instincts. For example, some dogs cannot coexist peacefully with dogs of the same sex. these breeds are important to consider if you plan to keep more than one dog.

Dogs of different sexes usually live together peacefully and share the functions they perform, so they do not have to obey each other and do not compete with each other. The male’s function is usually to protect the territory and the female’s is to care for the offspring.

However, if you have several dogs of the same sex together, you will have to accept that one of your pets will be the leader and that the other dog(s) will have to obey. However, when the dogs are unable to choose a leader between them, there is a constant struggle for leadership, which can even end in one dog’sdog deaths. When you think the dogs may injure each other, they must be kept apart until a professional trainer can help you find a solution to the situation. In some cases, it may even be necessary to find a new home for one of the pets.

However, there are some ways to reduce the tension between the dogs:

Train the dogs one at a time. It is important for the dog to spend some time alone with its owner. Ideally, this should be done outside the home. Activities can vary depending on the needs of the dog. Individual obedience lessons may be perfect for one dog, while another may just like to go for a ride in the car with the owner to do his business.
Feed the dogs separately.

Neutering can also help. Dogs become calmer, more peaceful with each other.
Teach dogs to obey without a lead. This will be useful when you need to separate dogs that are fighting.
Do not leave dogs together unsupervised until you are absolutely sure that the dogs are behaving peacefully towards each other.

Important exclude dogs when you feel they are too agitated.
Getting a puppy when you already have a dog at home should be avoided. It is difficult to predict how your dog will react to a new pet. Even if you don’t notice any negative behaviour towards the puppy right away, the situation may change as the puppy gets older and stronger. This is when leadership struggles may occur.
Do not leave your dogs fighting, hoping that they will work things out for themselves. Conflicts in the gang over leadership must not result in serious injury. If such conflicts do occur, a professional trainer should be consulted.

A dog that cannot coexist peacefully with another dog of the same sex is not necessarily dangerous to humans. People often misunderstand dog aggression towards another dog and think that a dog can also be dangerous to humans. This is why dogs are sometimes put to sleep, when it would be possible to simply separate the dogs competing for leadership. It is therefore very important not to apply to dogs

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