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So, while the Maine Coon is lauded as one of the oldest natural breeds in the United States, there is a different possibility for the origin of this magnificent breed.

Thanks to Captain Jenks, the excellent Maine Coon at the Boston show, the breed was recorded in the literature in 1861.

In 1895, the Maine Coon cat Cosie was voted the best of the best in Madison. The popularity of the breed has grown considerably since 1950, when the Maine Coon Cat Club was founded under the leadership of Alta Smith and Ruby Dyer. Breed standards were described as early as 1960. Since then, the breed has grown in popularity. It is the second most popular cat in the Cat Fanciers’ Association and one of the world’s most popular home-bred breeds.

The Maine Coon breed has evolved considerably over the years, with cats becoming larger, longer and wilder-looking.

Maine Coons can survive and adapt well even in harsh, changeable climates. This is demonstrated by their outward appearance: dense, waterproof coat, strong bone and muscle structure and high weight. They are protected from the cold by a long, fluffy tail that can cover their entire body, dense tufts of hair over their ears and paws that are as wide as real snow boots. The large eyes and ears and the large, angular muzzle also indicate that these cats are hunters and fighters for survival in the harsh environment.

The Maine Coon’s main hair is semi-long and greasy to allow better water drainage and prevent the animal from getting wet. The hair is shorter in summer and longer in winter, but the tail is always covered with long, thick hair
This breed develops slowly, reaching maturity and full size in 3-4 years. Interestingly, throughout their lives, these cats retain a playful, kittenish temperament, which sometimes does not go well with their solid, sometimes even snarling appearance.

Males weigh between 6 and 11 kg and females between 4,5 and 7 kg. (Spayed/neutered weigh more). The Guinness Book of World Records in 2006 recorded the longest representative of the breed, a neutered male Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red, measuring 120cm from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail and weighing 16kg.

The Maine Coon has a harmonious character: it is extremely calm, gentle, easily adaptable, not aggressive, but likes to dominate. It is a charming, extremely domestic breed, the cats are not attached to one owner, but are happy to get along with the whole family. Although such a powerful cat takes up a lot of space on the sofa, it is also able to squeeze into all sorts of corners, the smallest of the incredibly shaped crannies in the house.

There is not a single thing to dislike about this breed. Once on the verge of extinction, it is now a hugely popular breed thanks to its majestic appearance, its very beautiful coat and its gloriously long tail. If you didn’t fall in love with this cat when you saw it, it will certainly seduce you with its incredibly affectionate character.

Maine Coons are very loyal and friendly, but not intrusive. They are generally cautious with strangers (fearless, but shy), but get along well with children, other cats and even other animals. Of course, you shouldn’t leave a small kitten in a house with a dog until you are sure they are already friends – even a well-behaved puppy that gets too excited can harm the kitten.

These cats are like 3-year-olds: inquisitive, adorable, without remorse. They can sometimes create chaos in the house, smash things with their agility or simply drop things that have been left out of place, but they can also bribe the owner with their affectionate look in the eye. It is essential to install a scratching post for them, which is much cheaper than rebuilding damaged furniture later on, and can even be a small corner scratching post close to where you often sit or even sleep.

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