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Meat. What does a dog owner need to know?

Meat is an essential part of a dog’s diet.

Without a proper diet, it is unlikely that a dog will be healthy. What is needed for a proper dog diet? Fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, of course. All of these are contained in meat, which is essential in a dog’s diet.
But, as we know, meat can be different. Which one is best for a healthy and happy pet? For the most part, professionals value muscle meat the most.

It is rich in important and valuable proteins: globulin, myoglobin, myosin and actin. They are rich in amino acids, which promote the proper development of the dog.

The connective tissues of meat contain other proteins: collagen, elastin. They are less valued because collagen and elastin have significantly fewer amino acids compared to muscle tissue.

Fatty meat is the main source of fatty acids. Such fats take longer to ‘melt’ in the dog’s body. However, even with this deficiency, fatty meat proteins are more valuable than lean meat proteins.

The brain is not rich in protein, but high enough in phosphorus, which is also important for any dog.

Liver contains vitamin A, copper and phosphorus. Experts advise that liver meat should be fed to animals in the post-operative period. Kidneys are a source of B vitamins.

Meat is not only a source of protein

Meat also contains nicotine and pantothenic acid, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, iodine, zinc and magnesium.

Poultry meat is very beneficial for a growing body. It is rich in amino acids, without which the development of the young organism is impossible.

Meat can be used to influence the animal’s appetite. Take meat broths, for example – boiling meat releases nitrogenous and non-nitrogenous extractives which influence the production of gastric juices. If you need to stimulate your dog’s appetite, a small portion of broth will help. But don’t overdo it! If your dog is prone to allergies or has stomach problems, the broth will turn from a useful product to a health hazard.

If your dog has liver or kidney disease, it is strictly not recommended to include meat and poultry in the diet of young animals. Such meat contains high levels of purine, which produces uric acid in the body.

Although meat is good for you, it takes quite a long time to digest, so feeding your dog meat 3 times a day is not the right solution. Especially if the portions are large.

When you have a choice of which meat to feed your dog – fatty or lean, choose fatty meat.

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