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Meet the 10 dog breeds that stand out for their kindness and devotion to their owners!

There are many dog breeds. And there is no one best or worst. But some of them have certain qualities that make them stand out.The breeds in this top ten list can be called truly good-natured four-leggeds!

1. Friesian Bichon

These fluffy dogs resemble a white cloud. Kind-hearted and unusually cute. They are gentle with both owners and guests. Their barking may not be to everyone’s liking, but their kindness of heart and their incredible charm make many feel a genuine affection.

2. Dachshund

Small, spunky and extremely loyal, the Dachshund gets on well with both children and adults. He can be a wonderful four-legged babysitter, companion and true friend.Playful and very cheerful, the dachshund is known for his kindness and patience.

3. Basethaund

Although small, this breed is quite active and loves to play. Its adaptability, kindness and calmness make it an excellent choice for the home. Especially if you already have other pets and children living there.

4. Pug

Pugs are tiny dogs with expressive eyes and a very good heart. Even in a frenzy of emotion, this breed will not attack its owner or bite a child during play. Kind-hearted, cheerful – just wonderful family members!

5. Sheltie

this breed has a truly golden character! They are obedient, calm, very loyal to their owner and ready to adapt to the rhythm of his life, whatever it may be.

Lying on the sofa in front of the TV? Please! Want to go for a walk down the street? No problem! Run through the woods? Why not? With this little replica of a collie, there’s really no problem, because he really does have a good heart.

6. Collie

This breed is strongly linked to the TV series Leslie, which starred a charming shaggy dog who won the hearts of millions of viewers. This breed is not only distinguished by its learning abilities and high intellect, but also by its amazing kindness.

Collie gets along well with children, adapts to different living conditions and never shows aggression.

7. Newfoundland

These cute, impressively sized dogs were originally used as working dogs in Canada and for rescuing people from the water. These dogs are known to hold up well in water. But that is not the most important thing, because the Newfoundland is really good-natured and his calmness is simply amazing.

It is worth mentioning that this dog is incredibly intelligent and is able to make his own decisions in certain situations! If you need a furry friend, a loyal companion and a really good guy, choose this big handsome man and you won’t go wrong!

8. Saint Bernard

These dogs have a heart as big as their height. They are very friendly, alert and extremely calm. Their phlegmatic nature makes them very difficult to anger, and their care and kindness are surprising.

9. Labrador Retriever

This unique dog has a really good heart! This obedient pet is ready to do anything in the world with its loving owner: run, walk, play. He is also a great guide, a healer of souls and a dog that will give his life for a human being.

He gets along well with other dogs, is good with children and cats and has unlimited patience! It is no coincidence that there are so many dogs of this breed who are brave and kind-hearted heroes!

10. Golden Retriever

This breed is renowned not only for its indomitable devotion, but also for its ability to help people wherever possible.

These tireless dogs rescue people in times of trouble, pull them out of fire and water in times of danger, and are true psychotherapists when it comes to supporting a patient who has lost faith in himself. The love and kindness of these dogs knows no bounds!

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