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Calm, playful, sociable, friendly, sensitive, can’t stand loneliness

2,5-7 kg

11-16 years

Other names:
Nebelung cat

Nebelung – this is a very rare cat breed. The Nebelung is a very rare breed of cat, with a striking appearance and a wonderful personality, and is certainly worthy of interest.These cats are quite calm, do not play many pranks, but love to play. The Nebelungai quickly learn the rules of the house and stick to them (well, most of the time anyway). The Nebelungai are very attached to all the members of the family, they are willing to get along with both children and adults, and they get along well with the pets in the house.

History of the breed

Nebelung – is a cat whose origins are still not entirely clear. It has been speculated that the breed may have originated in northern Russia, but there is still no solid evidence to confirm this. The name of the breed is derived from the German word „Nebel“, meaning fog or mist. It is believed that this name was given to the breed because of the blue-grey colour of its coat. The current Nebelung breed dates back to 1980, but the breed existed long before that. It is known that attempts were made to re-establish the population of the Nebelung breed during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 & 1901), when the breed was considered to be a variety of the Russian Blue. The first pair of the current breed lived in the home of the opera-loving Cora Kob. The cats, named Siegfried and Brunhilde, came there quite by chance – Mrs Kob’s cat had an unusual appearance. As they were really impressive, K. Kob decided to seek recognition of these cats as a new breed. In 1986, the first litter of Nebelungs was born, and four years later, Kora Kob’s breeding cats were already being exported to other countries. In 1987, the Nebelungs were given the status of a new breed, which was approved one year later. A decade later, the Nebelung had already received recognition from several cat associations.

Nebelung: appearance

The Nebelung resembles a Russian Shorthair cat at first sight, but on closer inspection there are quite a few differences. One of the biggest differences – is the Nebelung’s coat, which is longer and fluffier, and another – the feathery tail, which is not typical of Russian Blue cats. The Nebelung is a medium-sized cat, which can weigh between 2,5 and 7 kg (females are smaller than males).The breed is characterised by its elegant appearance: the body is quite long, graceful and covered with an impressive coat. The body is slender but firm, the head is medium-sized and proportionate to the body. The ears are large, with wedge-shaped tips and decorated with tufts of hair. Eyes are large and very expressive, rounded and may be green or yellowish-green. Legs rather long, claws rounded, covered with dense fur. The tail is long and the fur covering it is even longer than on the whole body. The fur covering the body is double-layered – the upper hairs are rather long, fluffy, the undercoat soft and dense. Only one non-belching colour is allowed – blue-grey. Interestingly, the Nebelung is one of the few long-haired cat breeds whose coat colour is blue.

Nebelung: character

Nebelungs are very social cats, often expressing their emotions in their voice.The owner is always aware of how the Nebelung is feeling, because it makes no attempt to hide it. The Nebelung appreciates the attention of its family members, but guests must first earn the affection of this cat. Your guests may not even see the cat – if it wants to, it will come to say “hello”, if not – you will not call it.

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