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Neva Masquerade cat

Neva masquerade cat

Country of origin:

Various coat shades are allowed except chocolate, cinnamon and lilac

Intelligent, friendly, affectionate, affectionate, unobtrusive when owner is busy

5-9 kg

10-13 years

Other names:
Neva Masquerade cat

Litter size:
From 1-12 kittens

The Neva Masquerade cat is a cat breed that originated in Russia.These cats are fascinating with their long fur and bright eyes, but these cats are not only valued for their stunning looks, but also for their great character. Neva masquerade cats are peaceful, willing to interact not only with their owners, but also with strangers and  pets in the house. they are very affectionate, so you can be sure that someone will always be waiting for you at home!

Breed history

The Neva Masquerade Cat is named after its magnificent coat, which looks like a cat getting ready to go to a carnival. The cats of this breed originate from St Petersburg, in the region of the Neva River. Many cat breeds were imported to this region, but it is here that the Neva Masquerade Cat breed originated. The Neva Neva cat breed is a “mix” of different breeds. The Neva Masquerade cats are a cross between Persian, Balinese, Siamese and Himalayan cats. To this day, it is not known whether the breed evolved naturally or whether the breed was created on purpose. In Central Europe, the Neva Masquerade cats were introduced in 1989, when the Iron Curtain was torn down. Although the breed has a truly striking appearance and a character that captivates many, the breed has not been very widespread in regions further afield than central Europe. Neva masquerade cats are also bred in Lithuania, but the breed is not very popular.

Neva’s Masquerade Cat: appearance

The Neva masquerade cat is medium-sized, with a sturdy and athletic build. The weight of these cats can range from 5 to 9 kilograms. The Neva masquerade cat has a large head and a medium-length nose, which is not curved or crooked. The ears are large, broad at the base and tapering towards the rear. Eyes large, oval, very expressive. Eye colour usually depends on the colour of the coat, varying from yellow to bright green, while the eyes of the white breed must be blue. The legs are of medium length, rather thick, and the paws are round. The tail is long, straight and covered with long, fluffy fur. The fur is very dense and may be medium or long. The neck is always adorned with a long fur „collar“. The fur on the legs and tail is longer than on other parts of the body. The fur of the Neva masquerade cat is very similar to that of the Siamese cat. A wide range of coat colours are allowed, except chocolate, cinnamon and lilac.

Neva’s Masquerade Cat: character

Neva masquerade cats have a very gentle character and are affectionate like puppies. They are excellent companions, eager to keep their owners company wherever and whenever they go. Neva masquerade cats appreciate the attention of their family members, but they can also spend time alone during the day – the most important thing is that you pet and play with your cat when you come home from work. These cats adapt very quickly to changes in their surroundings, so they can always keep you company on the road. Neva masquerade cats are very keen to interact with children and are very gentle with them, but it is important to observe how the child treats the pet. Although a Neva Masquerade Cat will not like intrusive attention, it will quickly forget small injustices. Cats of this breed usually get on well with pets in the house, or simply ignore them.

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