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Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Country of origin:

Various coat colours are allowed except chocolate, cinnamon, lilac and light brown

Intelligent, calm, reserved, friendly, tolerant, energetic, hates loneliness and enjoys company

6-10 kg

10-12 years

Other names:
Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, imposing pet that impresses not only with its expressive beauty but also with its character. This breed is very reserved and calm, and very attached to its owners. Although the Norwegian Forest Cat is rather reluctant towards strangers, it is never aggressive. These cats are tolerant and therefore accept other pets in the house – although the cat will not be friends with them, it will not show any dissatisfaction either.

History of the breed

Norwegian Forest Cats originated in Scandinavia. They are an old breed of cat that is mentioned in Norwegian legends (they are said to be troll cats). The Norwegian Forest Cat is believed to be descended from the short-haired cats brought to Scandinavia by the Vikings from Britain and the long-haired cats brought by the Crusaders. These imported cats interbred naturally with the native cats, creating a completely new breed of cat. For a long time, Norwegian Forest Cats lived in the forests, where they had really good hunting skills. Farmers often kept these cats on their farms, where they could catch rodents. In the 20th century, cat lovers became very interested in these cats, and in 1938 the Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers’ Club was founded (in the same year the Norwegian Forest Cat was first exhibited). However, the breed was officially registered a few decades later (1970), when these cats were first transported outside Norway. The Norwegian Forest Cat was registered in America in 1994.

Norwegian Forest Cat: appearance

The Norwegian Forest Cat is the size of a Maine Coon. It is a massive but very elegant cat, typically weighing between 6 and 10 kilograms. The Norwegian Forest Cat develops quite slowly, reaching its final size only in the fourth year of life. The hind legs are longer than the front legs. The paws are large, rounded, with bristles between the toes. The head is large, with a rounded triangular shape, and the jaws are very strong. Eyes large, almond-shaped, may be any colour (regardless of coat). Ears are large, with tufts of hair at the tips. Tail is long and swollen. Fur is medium length, glossy, waterproof. The undercoat is dense and soft. A wide range of coat colours are allowed, except chocolate, cinnamon, lilac and light brown. The coat is considerably shorter in summer than in winter.

Norwegian Forest Cat: character

The Norwegian Forest Cat is very fond of human company. These cats cannot tolerate loneliness, so the Norwegian Forest Cat is not a good choice for people who are very busy or who travel constantly. You can be sure that your pet will always meet you on your way home from work, curl up on your lap and sleep comfortably. Norwegian Forest Cats are generally not very noisy, but if they are kept in a house with a dog, they can develop a rather loud and shrill voice. These cats are quite brave, but are not always willing to be friends with strangers or animals. If a Norwegian Forest Cat is not going to get attention from its owners for a long time, it will certainly find a way to get it – sometimes they will even go so far as to chase after their own family members! Norwegian Forest Cats are quite energetic and are always happy to go out in the yard.

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