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Cages for parrots come in many different types, so it is important to pay attention to several aspects when choosing a cage:

Cage size. The bigger the better. Parrots are active and highly intelligent animals, so the needs of even a small waved parrot are greater than its size would suggest. In America, for example, it is popular to give parrots their own room where they can fly freely all the time.

The scent is the most complicated. There should be no such thing as a cage for macaws, because they are too big to be caged. They need enclosures or rooms. A macaw can be confined in a standard cage except for the night, but the cage must be large enough for the parrot to spread its wings.

Cage shape. A round cage is the most inappropriate choice for parrots. Round cages were developed as a home design element. However, such cages make parrots (as well as canaries and finches) feel insecure because they do not have corners that provide and a sense of security.

It is therefore unethical to keep birds in round cages. Ease of cleaning. Parrots are real litterbugs. Choose a cage that is easy to clean every day. One that opens conveniently and from which it is easy to remove food and water bowls.

It is very convenient when parrot cages have additional slats or so-called play stands on top. When the parrot is released from the cage, it is comfortable to perch there and observe the surroundings or play with a toy.

If you make your own cage for your parrot, be aware that zinc is very poisonous to parrots. And some nets come in galvanized.

Where to put the cage?

You should choose a place for the cage according to the parrot’s lifestyle. If your parrot is very social, wants to be close to you and likes attention, place the cage where you are most often. If your parrot is timid and easily frightened, place the parrot cage in a quieter place, in a corner rather than near the door.

How do I furnish the inside?

It is important to make sure that your parrot’s cage is comfortable and safe. There are a few things to consider when furnishing your parrot’s cage.

First, the size of the cage is important. Make sure that the cage is large enough for your parrot to move around comfortably.

Second, the type of food and water dishes you use are important. Be sure to use dishes that are safe for your parrot to use.

Third, the type of perches you use in the cage are important. Be sure to use perches that are safe for your parrot to use.

Fourth, the type of toys you put in the cage are important. Be sure to choose toys that are safe for your parrot to use.

Finally, the type of bedding you use in the cage is important. Be sure to choose bedding that is safe for your parrot to use.

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