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Sexual behaviour in parrots is one of the most common problems. Most behavioural problems start when parrots reach sexual maturity: small parrots up to 1 year old, medium parrots up to 2 years old and large parrots up to 3-5 years old. Until sexual maturity, parrots are the cutest and cuddliest parrots, but don’t expect this to be the case all the time. During sexual maturity, aggression, noise and other problems come out. Therefore, training is necessary during this period.

Parrots are different from dogs and cats in that their character and manner depend on their age and the season. In spring, all parrots are noisier, more restless and even more aggressive as the production of sex hormones increases. Sexual instincts are also very strong in all parrots. This is a natural behaviour, but it cannot be encouraged. Why? If we do not plan to breed parrots, we should do everything possible to reduce the production of sex hormones. Because the more sex hormones in the body, the stronger the sexual behaviour, the more problems in the future.

How to understand that a parrot shows sexual behaviour?

A parrot builds a nest or stays in a dark enclosed place (e.g. a cupboard or box) for a long time. For example, like this parrot.The parrot regurgitates food to the owner, another parrot, a mirror. The parrot is overly attached to one member of the family. In this case, the parrot considers its owner as a sexual partner.It shows territorial aggression, i.e. it does not go near a cage or a supposed nest.It rubs the cloaca (masturbation).It lays eggs.Sexual behaviour – lowering its wings and making specific sounds.

It may seem like no big deal, but it can eventually turn into:

Aggression, because the parrot wants to protect its human from other family members and becomes aggressive towards everyone else.Anger, because the host does not suppress the sex drive and the parrot is constantly irritated. The longer this goes on, the bigger the problem becomes. Eventually, the relationship between the host and the parrot becomes unpredictable.Feather picking.Falling out of the cloaca.

KlaIt is generally believed that a parrot needs to let off steam to be calmer. But the body does the opposite. If a parrot is allowed to regurgitate food or masturbate, it will not become calmer, but on the contrary, it will produce more sex hormones and will become more nervous. Because sexual behaviour stimulates the production of sex hormones and sex hormones stimulate sexual behaviour.

Above all, the parrot must not be attached to one person. Therefore, the bird must have the same fun and long interactions with all members of the family.Back stroking stimulates sexual behaviour, so do not stroke the parrot’s back. Stroking the head is a sign of friendliness. We are used to petting our dogs and cats endlessly, but this is not healthy for parrots as it encourages sexual behaviour. Non-contact communication – teaching tricks, playing games, training, etc. creates a healthier relationship.Reduce daylight hours to 12 hours. Reduce the calorie content of the diet – less nuts and

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