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This species of parrot is known variously as pionites (Latin), caique (English), white-headed and black-headed parrots (Lithuanian). Pionites parrots are small and have a short tail, and males and females do not differ in appearance. The head of juvenile black-headed parrots is initially light and then gradually darkens. Also, the bill of juvenile parrots is greyish, while that of adult black-headed parrots is black and that of white-headed parrots is white. Caique parrots not only have bright plumage colours, but also a strong character.

The Caique parrot genus includes two species: the black-headed parrot (Pionites melanocephala) and the white-headed parrot. The white-headed parrots are further subdivided into Pionites leucogaste, Pionites xanthurus, Pionites xanthomerius, according to the different colour of the feathers on their legs.

Pionites are native to the jungles of South America and live about 30 years. When they fly, their wing feathers produce a specific flapping sound, which is unusual for other parrots. Because they live in the jungle, pioneer parrots are reluctant to fly highThey can fly long distances, get tired quickly when flying long distances, and are not as manoeuvrable when flying. However, they have very strong legs, so they like walking, jumping and climbing more than flying.

Character pros

They are clown parrots. They love to play, lie on their backs, wriggle and jump. Pionites are hyperactive, extraverted, curious, mischievous, independent parrots with a big ego. They have been compared to Amazons and Cockatoos in terms of their behavioural characteristics, as they have a lot of energy and are very social. Black-headed and White-headed parrots like to play lying on their backs, sometimes even falling asleep. These parrots are quickly gaining popularity due to their extremely cheerful nature. White-headed Pioneer Parrots are a little more playful and adventurous than Black-headed Parrots. Due to the need for the pionite parrot to climb and perch, the cage must be able to support the parrot in doing so (lots of different branches, sticks, ladders, netting). The cage must therefore be large. In addition, be sure to provide a beda place to put the net, material, bed, box – in the upper part of the cage, so that the parrot doesn’t have to lie on the floor, which is how they like to lie. Especially at night, they like to sleep in a small box or bed. They also like to crawl under bedding, clothes, towels or into narrow enclosures, so give your parrot these opportunities too.Domesticated and hand-reared Pioneer Parrots like to be stroked and picked up by hand.They are not picky about food, but will never allow another parrot to take food out of their beak.

Black-headed parrot (pionites)

Character cons

Pionites parrots do not speak, but are quite noisy.One of the disadvantages of Pionites parrots is that they do not get along with other parrots. This trait may have evolved because in the wild Pionites parrots live in small flocks or families of up to 20 birds. This can make it difficult to keep them in the same room with other parrots. Pioneer parrots should not be left unattended with other parrots, as they can be aggressive.Because of their lively nature, pioneer parrots sometimes have fits of anger because something has gone wrong. Pionites can sometimes be arrogant and very stubborn. Pionites are fearless parrots and can be aggressive. However, knowing the parrot’s body language and manner can help avoid aggression.Despite being a small parrot, it is very demanding. In inexperienced hands, it can quickly become aggressive and unruly.Pionite parrots are very fond of chewing, so they need to have different toys in their cage at all times.

Diet of Pionites parrots

These parrots eat protein-rich fruits and seeds in the wild. High Protein granules are therefore the best match for their diet.

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