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Puppy's correct behaviour at home

As with parenting young children, puppies need to be taught to behave properly at home. As children grow up, they eventually understand on their own why they should not touch certain things, but a dog will never understand the value of things or the potential for harm.


Pay constant attention to your puppy’s behaviour at home. Whenever you notice that your dog is chewing or gnawing on an inappropriate object, such as furniture or a door, transfer the urge to an appropriate object, such as a special toy for dogs. As the dog grows, it will develop the appropriate skill and will seek out its own toy when it wants to chew on something. Such consistent training will prevent many of the unpleasant things that can happen at home when a dog is left uncontrolled.

Food waste

Food waste can include chicken bones and other waste from your table that dogs just love. However, garbage can pose a serious health risk to your dog. Many animals will happily eat bAnything, even metal or glass objects, as long as there’s a piece of food left on them. Therefore, place the bin in a place where the dog cannot reach it.

If you have been lucky enough to find a dog thoroughly exploring the bin, try surprising it with an unexpected sound. But this should be done discreetly. A sudden sound that comes out of nowhere will distract the dog from the rubbish. This trick works particularly well with young dogs.

Beds and sofas

If you keep your dog off beds and sofas from an early age and never make exceptions, you will be lucky to raise a dog that will never break this rule.

If, however, your dog has tasted the forbidden fruit, you will have to somehow isolate him from the soft furniture during your absence.Dogs, like humans, like to rest on something soft, so you must provide your dog with his own soft place to rest. This can be a mat, a blanket or a special lying place for dogs that you can use for your own dog.or you can buy it in a pet shop.

Food on the table

A tasty meal left unattended can bring big trouble! As with rubbish, it is very tempting to the dog and looks like a reward for his efforts. No amount of punishment after the fact of food theft will teach a dog not to take food. What’s more, such a punishment can damage your relationship with the dog and its character.

Simply do not leave food unattended in places within reach of the dog. You can only do this by training the dog. Shock at the right moment, especially when the dog is still young and impressionable, is the most appropriate training tool.


Every time the house changes its routine and everyone is busy with pleasant festive concerns, your dog’s needs must not be forgotten. The holidays are a dangerous time for the dog, as they make it easy for him to get his hands on harmful things like food from the festive table, dovjokes under the tree, tinsel and other things you never thought of. Dogs perceive the world in a different way to humans, and you should learn to predict their possible actions.

During the holidays, try to organise your dog’s safety in such a way that he is always supervised by someone, or keep a close eye on the things in your house to make sure they are out of reach of your dog. Some dogs may be best sent to relatives or confined to separate rooms on such days.

Special temptations

Things with your scent on them are particularly appealing to your dog, but this can also bring a lot of problems. These include medicine bottles left unattended, shoes, children’s toys, gloves, glasses and underwear.

When a dog finds your things dropped on the floor, he thinks they are his toys. Remember that in a house with a dog, there should always be an ideal order. Never teach a dog not to touch your things

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