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Ragdoll cats

Country of origin:

White, brown, grey, fawn, lilac, yellow, cream, multi-colour combinations

4,9-9 kg

10-12 years

Other names:
Ragdoll, Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat is also known as the Ragdoll, the Ragdoll or simply the Rag. The reason for this name is that the cats are so trusting and relax and become like a doll when in the hands of a human. She will not resist being picked up in your arms – she loves to be close to people, hugs and other attention. Ragdoll is perfect for beginners, families with children, singles and couples alike… this cat will be a great companion who will be happy to sit on the laps of hosts or guests, and will not refuse to play with children. Raggedy gets along with other pets, so it is suitable for homes with other pets.

History of the breed

Ragdolls originated in the USA. One legend has it that the Ragdoll cat breed originated when a Persian cat was hit by a car but survived. Ragdoll did indeed have Persian cat blood, but she has been crossed with other cat breeds. The history of the Ragdoll breed dates back to 1960, when a blue-eyed Angora cat was crossed with a Siamese cat and, as expected, the parents produced offspring of spectacular beauty.Ragdolls are now very popular in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia and, increasingly, in Western Europe. In the Baltic States, the Ragdoll cat is still a real rarity.

Ragdoll cat: appearance

The Ragdoll – a large and muscular but very graceful cat. Interestingly, Ragdoll offspring are born white, and after 8-10 weeks, darker markings begin to appear on the tail, paws, ears and muzzle. The true colour of a ragdoll can be seen at about 3-4 months of the cat’s life. The darker markings can be red, chocolate or flame, as well as blue, lilac and cream. Sometimes a combination of two or three colours is seen. The claws are of medium length, with tufts of hair usually between the claws. The head of the ragtail is medium-sized and the chin is large. The ears are rather far apart, with rounded tips. The eyes are always blue, elliptical.

Ragdoll cat: character

Regdoll is a very affectionate and gentle cat that adapts well to its owner’s needs.These cats are intelligent, do not show aggression, and are happy to interact with other animals. Ragdoll cats do not understand that they can use their teeth and claws as weapons when they are annoyed by something. If this happens, the Ragdoll simply runs away to hide. Although they are adaptable cats, there are some things they cannot tolerate. One of them – is noise. Ragdolls always prefer peace and quiet.These cats appreciate a sweet sleep – at home, you will usually find a Ragdolls snoozing on the back of the sofa, and its sleeping posture will surprise you as Ragdolls’ legs often tabulate when they sleep. This is because ragdolls have a special ability to relax (well, humans have a lot to learn…) Although ragdolls’ sleeping habits are often amusing they can be dangerous  these cats are not always able to reach the ground with their paws. If you ask what is most important to a ragdoll, the answer is unambiguous – humans!

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