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Reasons to reconsider keeping a cat at home!Reasons to reconsider keeping a cat at home!

Unlike dogs, cats do not guard the house and do not need to be taken outside twice a day. The days when they needed to catch mice are long gone. Should I keep a cat and what should I know before I take the step of caring for another creature?

It doesn’t take much to get a kitten into the house. Just look at the little purring creature and you are a captive. Today, we’ll talk about 10 reasons that might be an argument against having a cat on your doorstep.

Cats are independent

A quality that not everyone can boast. Unlike a dog, a cat is not emotionally attached to its owner. Domestic cats do not need social contact. This animal cannot be squeezed and stroked at any time if it does not want to be. Otherwise, it will definitely scratch you.

Cats Rebel

Dog owners are advised to undergo a general training course. If the dog has opted for such a course, it can be calmed down with one command. If the cat has decided to spoil everything in its path, you will still have to make the effort. Follow the instructions – this is not for cats, they can only be soothed with a kind word and tasty food.

Authentic cats

It is essential to watch carefully what the cat eats. They quickly get used to dry food, so it is very important to choose a balanced diet to prevent health problems. You should also make sure that the cat always has clean water in its bowl.

Long life

If you take good care of your pet, a cat can live up to twenty years or even longer. During that time, the cat becomes part of the family and its passing is always painful for the owners.

Additional costs

If your cat is not used to eating porridge, you will have to spend a considerable amount on good quality cat food, cat litter, toys and regular trips to the vet. The cost to the owner of the cat’s contents is about 40-100 dollars per month.

Cats are vindictive

Although zoopsychologists claim that cats do not have long-term memories, there are many owners who will confidently deny this fact. Coincidence?

Fur everywhere

The cat sleeps and plays wherever it wants. Fur will lie not only on the floor, but also on the bed, on your clothes and even on your plate. In addition to making the sticky clothes roller your best friend, you will often have to clean the cat’s litter box. If you don’t, the apartment will develop a characteristic smell that the owner gets used to over time, but is clearly noticeable to guests.

Cats are active

Anything on the table, windowsill or bedside table can be taken. When you have a cat in your home, you must remember to keep food and valuables hidden, otherwise you may have to part with them. Common things for cat owners: torn wallpaper, curtains with hooks in them (and all their clothes), broken crockery.

They are rude

Even the most affectionate cat is terrible when angry. He will certainly scratch or bite a hand that touches his belly. It may also accidentally injure its owner during active play or by climbing up its arms.

Love for one place

It is very difficult to go out for a few days when the cat stays at home. The first thing to do is to ask someone to look after the animal. Secondly, moving to another city or country is much harder, especially as cats do not like strangers and new places.

Of course, you can ignore all these little things in life when your most gentle cat is cheering you up. They radiate warmth and calm, create cosiness and even behave nicely with their owners.

Cats are very intelligent, they sense threats and can even save a human life. A cat will not love you just because you have given it a home and food, it has to earn your love. If the cat has trusted you, then it is for life. Cats teach us respect, responsibility and care.

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