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Royal Canin: putting the dog's needs first

Royal Canin Life Line

85% of your pet’s well-being comes from a quality and balanced diet, so it’s important not to sacrifice your dog’s health and emotional well-being when choosing food. Founded by a veterinarian, Royal Canin pet food company focuses on a healthy and balanced diet, which is the foundation for the well-being of every living creature on earth.

This pet food features a carefully balanced harmony of nutrients, natural ingredients and a very carefully selected range of ingredients to ensure your four-legged pet is healthy and invigorated.

Just like humans, pets need carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins, and when the balance of these nutrients in the body is disrupted, the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and so on, increases significantly.

Royal Canin, after extensive observational studies and veterinary researchhas created the ideal balanced food for your four-legged friend, taking into account his physical characteristics and lifestyle. For example, a dog that is mobile and constantly roaming around the house or yard needs a very different composition of food than one that likes to laze around in the sun and only runs to pick up the ball after much coaxing from its owner. Different lifestyles lead to different nutritional needs, which is why Royal Canin is launching a new collection of dog food to meet your dog’s needs.

Urban Life is a food for urban dogs that are exposed to oxidative stress caused by urban pollution. The food contains all the substances your dog needs to keep him well even in the intense conditions of urban life: noisy places, traffic jams, etc.

Sporting Life – this food is designed for dogs that are sporty or very active, that are constantly on the move and do not stand still. The special composition of the food ensures faster muscle recovery, maintains the sjoint and digestive functions.

Indoor Life – for dogs that spend most of their time indoors or are sedentary. The unique composition of the food helps to control the dog’s weight, supports the digestive system and reduces the amount of faeces and their unpleasant odour.

So, every dog owner will find something that suits and appeals to their four-legged best friend. Remember, Royal Canin puts your dog’s needs first.

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