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Savannah cat

Country of origin:

Gold, silver, black, smoke with black or brown spots

F1: 8-15 kg, F2: 6-10 kg, F3: 4-8 kg

20 years

Other names:
Savannah cat

Litter size:                                                                                                                                                                 From 1-3 kittens

The Savannah cat is one of the largest domestic cats and looks very much like a wild cat. Savannah cats are currently considered to be the most expensive cat breed, with prices varying widely (the first Savannah cats in the USA cost around 18 000 dollars). However, the price does not discourage the acquisition of this breed of cat – those who want to have a cat in their home that is very similar to a wild animal are happy to pay a considerable amount of money. these cats are not only captivating in appearance, but also in their unique character. Savannah cats are affectionate, docile and easily adaptable to their surroundings – most of these cat fanciers agree that the character of Savannah cats is very similar to that of dogs.

History of the breed

Savannah cats – are a relatively new cat breed. Although many attempts have been made to breed a breed resembling wild cats, they have been unsuccessful. However, in 1986, an American man succeeded by crossing a serval with a domestic cat. The breed was given the name „Savannah“ because the cross involved a serval that lives naturally on the African savannah. Although the American attempt was successful, a long breeding process followed. These cats were only introduced to the general public in 1997 and quickly became very popular. In the first year, only a few hundred of these cats were counted, but 15 years later the number had grown to several thousand. It is a real luxury to own one, and today the largest number of Savannah cats live in America. In Lithuania, only the sixth generation of Savannah cats is allowed (except for those legally acquired before 2009), as it is forbidden for natural persons to keep wild animals or their crossbreeds.

Savannah cat: appearance

The size and appearance of the Savannah cat depends on how much African Serval blood the cat has. These cats are divided into generations, which are represented by the letter F and a number. F1 Savannah cats have 50 % serval blood (one parent is serval). these cats are the largest, can weigh between 8 and 15 kg, and are usually 42-55 cm tall. F2 Savannah cats have 25 per cent serval blood (one of the grandparents is a serval). these cats are slightly smaller – they weigh between 6 and 10 kg and are between 35 and 45 cm tall. F3 Savannah cats have at least 12,5 % serval blood (one of the great-grandparents is a serval). these cats are even smaller – they weigh between 4 and 8 kg and are less than 40 cm tall. Cats whose parents have been Savannah cats for at least three generations are eligible for the shows. This breed is very graceful and elegant, with long legs, large erect ears and a slender long body. The neck of these cats is elongated, blending gracefully into the body line. The eyes are almond-shaped with prominent tear ducts similar to those of a cheetah. The coat of the Savannah cat is short, and the colour of the fur may be golden, silver, black, smoky with black or brown spots.

Savannah cat: character

The character of the Savannah cat depends largely on the amount of Serval blood. Some breeders aim to have as little ancestral blood as possible, while others do the opposite, so the character of Savannah cats can vary greatly. If a cat has a high proportion of serval blood, then it is very independent and tends to mark territory. Savannah cats, which are quite distant from their ancestors, are very friendly and playful, with a character more like a dog than a cat. The Savannah cat is usually very attached to one or two members of the family, whom it regards as its masters. Savannah cats love to be the centre of attention, can easily learn to walk on a leash, can fetch dropped toys, etc.

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