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Selkirk Rex cats

Country of origin:

White, chocolate, lilac, silver, smoke, also available in various patterns or bicolours

Patient, tolerant, affectionate, gentle, affectionate, playful, curious, active

4,5-6 kg

14-15 years

Other names:
Selkirk Rex, Selkirk Rex, Poodle cat, Poodle cat

Selkirk Rex cats are sometimes referred to as cats in sheep’s clothing because of their beautiful wavy coat, and it’s not just about their appearance. This breed is very patient, tolerant and affectionate. Selkirk Rexes are happy to interact with children and animals, and accept almost all playmates. They are excellent family friends who never show aggression and are very affectionate. They are active and playful cats who are no strangers to feline pranks. These cats are characterised by their curiosity and the constant „care“ of their owners. Come – there will be no boredom at home with a Selkirk rex cat!

History of the breed

The Selkirk rex cat breed – came into being by chance. In 1987, a litter of cats at the Wyoming State Shelter brought in a cat with an exceptional appearance. The cat’s curly coat and bushy whiskers were particularly striking. This cat (named Miss DePesto of Noface) went to a Persian cat breeder and as an adult was crossed with a purebred black Persian cat. In the litter born, three kittens had unusually curly coats and it was assumed that this mutation was linked to the presence of the dominant gene. A long breeding process followed, with these unusual-looking kittens being crossed with Persian, Exotic, British and American shorthair cats. Subsequent studies have confirmed that the Selkirk rex cat breed is the result of a spontaneous mutation, which is dominant. It is for this reason that Selkirk Rexes can be crossed with other cat breeds, which allows genetic diversity to be maintained. The first Selkirk rex cattery in Lithuania was registered in 2010.

Selkirk Rex cats: appearance

Selkirk Rex cats are seemingly quite large and sturdy, but they weigh a relatively small amount – between 4.5 and 6 kilograms. The breed is characterised by a slightly „angular“, muscular body. The head is large and round, the ears and eyes are medium-sized. To this day, Selkirk Rex cats are crossed not only with this breed, but also with British Shorthair and Persian cats – this is reflected in their appearance. The curly coat of the Selkirk Rex can be of two types – long or short. Either way, the coat has a very fine and soft texture and is very pleasant to touch. The curls are mostly on the inner sides and neck. As the cat grows, the coat straightens for a while, but this is only a temporary phase. The colours of the coat can be very varied – chocolate, lilac, silver, smoke are all acceptable, as well as various patterns or bicolours.

Selkirk Rex cats: character

Selkirk Rex cats are very affectionate and want to spend most of their time close to their owners. They are not intrusive cats, and are often quite content to be in the same room to observe their owner. Because of their gentle nature and inexhaustible patience, Selkirks can also be kept in families with young children. Selkirk Rex cats are also tolerant of other animals and can be kept in homes with dogs or more cats. Selkirk Rex cats are also happy to interact with guests – they do not see them as unwanted visitors, but as potential friends who can pet or play with the cat. Selkirk Rex cats adapt easily to their living conditions, all that matters is that the cat receives enough attention and affection from their owners.

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