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Singapore cats

Country of origin:


Active, energetic, playful, friendly, sociable, reserved, quiet, loves human companionship

1,8-2,7 kg

11-15 years

Other names:
Singapura cat

Litter size:
About 5 kittens


Singapore cats are considered to be the smallest cats in the world.These cats are usually admired for their rather unusual appearance, but their character also deserves praise. The Singapore cat is very friendly and affectionate, and likes to follow its owner. You can be sure that you will have a great companion at home to keep you company when cooking or watching TV.These cats simply adore the attention of their owners, so it is important to make sure that the cat reciprocates.

History of the cat

Singapore cats, as the name suggests, originate from Singapore, where the breed evolved naturally. Until 1974, the breed was seen in abundance in Singapore, but from 1974 onwards, the cats were exterminated by order of the Singaporean authorities like mice or other pests. Singapore cats have even been called “sewer cats” because of their predilection for burrowing in sewer pipes (probably to hunt mice). In 1975, two US citizens (Tommy and Hal Meadows) visited Singapore. They were very interested in the unusual-looking cats, which were just roaming the streets. They brought some of these cats back to the US and started to develop a new breed of cat. Five years later, four more cats were brought to America and also took part in the breeding programme. The first Singapore cats arrived in the UK in 1989, and soon became very popular. The International Cat Association (TICA) recognised the breed in 1984 and the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1988. To this day, Singapore cats are only crossed with each other, which allows the purity of the breed to be maintained. Despite the brutal extermination of these cats, the naturally evolved breed can still be seen on the streets of Singapore and is sometimes kept as a pet by the people of Singapore. Although many people from all over the world admire the unusual size of these cats, the Singapore cat is not a very popular breed.

Singapore cats: appearance

Singapore cats are small, but their weight can be a little surprising. Compared to the size of the cat, the weight is quite high – females weigh about 1.8 kg and males about 2.7 kg. Singapore cats are characterised by a stocky but not massive build, a rounded thorax and a slightly convex back. The head is small, rounded and the muzzle is short and broad. One of the main distinguishing features of these cats – is the darker patch of fur on the forehead which forms the letter „M“. The chin is rounded, the nose is slightly convex and the whiskers are distinctive. Ears large, close together, broad at the base, tapering towards the back. Eyes large, almond-shaped, green, golden or copper-coloured (blue eyes are not allowed), with a dark brown rim. Legs of medium length, claws small, oval. Tail of medium length, rather slender, ending in a blunt tip. Fur short, thin, close to the body. Only one coat colour allowed – ivory. The coat may have 4 or more stripes (except on the belly and on the inside of the legs).

Singapore cats: character

Singapore cats are very affectionate and affectionate, and value human companionship. However, they are generally wary of strangers and will rarely sit on the laps of visitors. The Singapore cat is very curious, and likes to check what’s behind a cupboard door or inside a shopping bag.

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