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Country of origin:

Two-tone or spotted (grey, lilac, blue, chocolate)

Intelligent, smart, cunning, curious, lively, active, playful, sweet, friendly, loves to “talk”, has a hard time with loneliness

2,5–5,5 kg

14-19 years

Other names:


Litter size:                                                                                                                                                                 About 5 kittens

Snowshoe – is an American cat breed with an interesting name only.These cats resemble Siamese cats at first glance, but Snowshoe has a lighter coat with white „socks“. These are very intelligent cats that simply adore the company of humans. They are very sad when left alone in the house, so this breed is not suitable for very busy people who are often away from home. Snow Paws are very playful cats that remain lively all their lives. these cats are clever and very cunning – if they want something, they will find a way to get it!

History of the variety

Snow Paws are a relatively new breed of cat, bred in the USA in the 1960s. The breed was created by Philadelphia resident Dorothy Hinds Daugherty. This cat lover decided to crossbreed the Siamese cat with the bi-coloured American Shorthair cat. The result not only met but also exceeded expectations, and it was decided to continue the crossbreeding. Although Snow Paws are very similar to Siamese cats, Siamese cats do not have the white „socks“ that gave the hybrid cats the name Snow Paws. The breed was recognised by TICA (International Cat Association) in 1993. Later on, the breed was approved by other organisations – ACFA (American Cat Fanciers’ Association), CFF (Cat Fanciers’ Fellowship), ACA (American Cat Association) and FIFe (Feline Fellowship International). To date, the breed has not been recognised by the CFA (the largest association of cat lovers). In Lithuania, Snowshoe Cats are a real rarity – you may have to work hard to find a place to buy one. However, Snowshoe breeders will admit that the search for such a cat is well worth the effort!

Snow Paws: appearance

Snow Paws look very much like Siamese cats. The muzzle and eyes are adorned with spots, giving the appearance of a cat wearing a mask. Snowshoe cats are medium-sized cats, typically weighing 2,5–5,5 kg. They have a proportionate, slightly elongated body. The legs are rather long, the paws round and large. The head is medium-sized, wedge-shaped. The eyes are medium-sized, oval, very expressive and necessarily blue. Ears large, broad. Nose of medium length. Tail darker in colour than the body, thin, with a pointed tip. Coat short, may be bicoloured or spotted. Two-thirds of the body of the bicoloured snow leopard is white (the ‘paw-soles’ are always white). The paws of spotted snowshoe hares are white, with white covering less than two-thirds of the body. Kittens are born completely white, but at a few weeks of age a darker colour (grey, lilac, blue, chocolate) starts to appear.

Snow Paws: character

Snowshoe cats are considered to be excellent companions because they simply adore the company of people. These cats get along well with people of all ages, including children. Although most cats are quite reluctant to visitors, not Snowshoe Cats, who are always delighted by the arrival of strangers. These cats get on well not only with people, but also with animals, with whom they love to play. The character of the Snow Paws is best suited to active people who are comfortable with high levels of cat mobility.

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